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Top 5 best Telegram Client Apps on Android



Top 5 best Telegram Client Apps on Android

We have compiled a rating of the top 5 best Telegram client applications for Android operating system

The app market is constantly being updated with new products that are expanding their functionality and adding new features. But what if the developers of your favorite app haven’t added new features to the update?

Client applications come to the rescue. These are applications whose main point is the function of the main application. Third-party developers added to this application those features that they found interesting and missing in the main product.

Today we’ll take a look at the client apps of the popular messenger Telegram, find out what features developers have included, how to unlock multifunctionality without buying Telegram Premium, and how to simplify your communication with the help of these apps. In addition, all apps from the rating can be installed on the Android platform.


1. The Nicegram app is on the first place in our top list.

In Nicegram you can use the following features: view chats without indicating that you have read them, add tabs and folders, create up to seven accounts, group chats by topic, unlock all chats and channels, forward messages without specifying the author’s name, translate messages into other languages in correspondence, save messages to favorites with one click. The application has a version available for installation on your computer – Nicegram web. Nicegram is open source, so you can make sure it’s safe for yourself.

2. The second place goes to the iMe Messenger app.

The main advantage of iMe Messenger is that the application includes a cryptocurrency wallet, so inside you can store currency, buy and transfer. In addition to cryptocurrency functions, iMe Messenger also has:

the ability to group chats by topics and folders, automatic sorting of chats and their archiving, saving individual messages to the cloud, private albums in the cloud for storing images so that you don’t lose or accidentally delete your favorite photos, also the application automatically pulls up music from your device and channels you are subscribed to and saves it to a separate folder.

To work with messages, iMe Messenger has the following features: filters for contacts and group members, you can block selected people to not see messages from them, removing text from photos and image descriptions, translating voice messages up to 1 minute into text, neurobots generating short answers in correspondence, clearing cache once a day.

3. The third place is deservedly taken by the Graph Messenger app

This is a great client application for managing downloads and maintaining privacy in your work. In Graph Messenger the developers have included the following features: create and login 100 active accounts simultaneously, download files from multiple sources simultaneously, Graph Messenger has a file management feature that shows all media files in chats on one page, the ability to create chats and filter them by category, chronological display of messages from channels on one page, the ability to edit images right in the chat, auto-replies for certain contacts right in the chat.

Graph Messenger is popular because of its privacy features and here are some of them: changing your voice when sending voice messages, ability to hide chats and channels, you can open them only after entering a password, displaying changes in your contacts: contacts: name, avatar and phone on one page, a special alert notifies you when a certain person appears online, the app itself chooses the proxy with the best ping time.

3. In the fourth place of our ranking of Telegram client apps is Bettergram.

Bettergram is available for installation not only on Android, but also on computers, which is a very convenient feature. Bettergram helps to solve a number of important problems that interfere with the official Telegram app, such as sorting messages by category, pinning up to 50 chats instead of five, saving messages to a favorite folder, which makes it easier to keep track of your important correspondence. Bettergram has open source code, so you can test it for security yourself. One drawback of the app is that it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

4. The fifth place in the rating is occupied by the Vidogram application.

At the moment, it is one of the best client applications for studying the content of chats and channels. In the application, you can make a single news feed of all the channels you are subscribed to in chronological order.

Also, the app has inbuilt IPTV which works very well, so you can watch entertainment, sports and other channels without leaving the app, you can also create a playlist and listen to music in the app, create animated themes and play online games.

Thus, client applications of the main and very popular messenger Telegram is very much, the functionality of these applications is also very different from the main application.

When installing new versions of the classic Telegram, pay attention to your needs, it may be a desire for greater privacy, or it may be improved functions of working with content. In any case, a new version of your favorite messenger you can choose, as the market of customer applications is constantly replenished with new developments.

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