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The Best Online Resources for Ear Training



The Best Online Resources for Ear Training

Have you ever seen someone playing a song after hearing it for the first time? It may appear unattainable and daunting.

However, with the proper ear training, you can do it yourself. One of the best things about ear training is that it is available for both professionals and beginners.

You can also find it online. The invention of technology has become a lifesaver. It facilitates the establishment of websites for ear training.

The best ear training website can ensure you can play songs by ear. Here is a list of the best online resources for excellent ear training.


Get your ear in shape with these apps and websites

For any musician, ears are one of the most vital tools. Excellent ear training can ensure you achieve your full musical potential.

It can help you write phenomenal songs, understand music theory, and mix music. Here is a list of the best ear training apps and websites.

Sibelius Auralia

Sibelius Auralia is one of the best online ear training sites. It is incredibly popular among music teachers as it enables you to test and train on various musical items. Some of the top things you can train on include:

  • Rhythms;
  • Scales;
  • Inversions;
  • Intervals;

The site requires students to pay an average of $99, while other users can pay $199. You can use the Sibelius Auralia on your Mac or Windows.

Ear Beater

Ear Beater is also an excellent web-based tool. It facilitates ear training online practice. The app offers several ear training exercises that can help you play by ear.

The activities can promote easy melodies, chords, and interval identification. One incredible thing to expect from the site is feedback.

The feedback will help you deduce the number of questions you got right and the amount of time you took to answer the questions. The information you get can help you establish the areas that need more work. is a fantastic site for music theory ear training online. The site ensures you can access great trainers and lessons. For instance, the interval ear trainer offers one of the best lessons. They are also available for free.

The interval ear trainer offers training on descending and ascending intervals. Also, the site lets you select which interval you wish to test at any time.

Tone Dear

Tone dear provides various interactive exercises. The exercises will help you to enhance your ability to recognize and identify varying tones and pitches. The web-based tool offers eight activities for ear training.

It focuses on both advanced and beginner musicians. Thus, you can find an exercise that coordinates with your skill level. The Tone Dear app can assist in building your skills in recognizing chords, intervals, and notes.


EarMaster 5

If you are a music student, EarMaster can come in handy. EarMaster 5 is one of the best sites to help you with music analysis.

It is ideal for any windows-user. The site has several trainers ready to help you learn ear training. The trainers train on:

  • Singing;
  • Interval identification and comparison;
  • Progressions;
  • Chord identification;
  • Scale identification;
  • Inversions;
  • Rhythm reading;
  • Dictation;
  • Imitation;
  • Melodic dictation;
  • Correction;


Teoria is a fantastic app. It provides ear training that can help you quickly recognize notes, chords, scales, and intervals.

If you are serious about ear training, the app can ensure you pick up several musical concepts easily.

You can find over 20 exercises for ear training in the web-based tool. The exercises ensure you will have a better ear ability. You can also use the site to examine your ear and determine which instrument is best for you.

GNU Solfege

One of the best things about GU Solfege is that it is open-source and free. The ear training site provides a wide range of things, including identifying chords and intervals and singing.

The site also allows you to test your ability to recall rhythms and recognition of scales.

GNU Solfege is one of the best ear training sites available. It works best on Linux and Windows devices.

Tone Savvy

Tone Savvy is another excellent ear training app. You can find over 20 exercises for ear training on the web-based tool that can help you hone your skills.

The app allows you to participate in several ear training lessons. The app is suitable for you if you want to build your playing-by-ear skills.

BigEars Ear Trainer

BigEars Ear Trainer has several merits. For one, it is simple, nice, and provides adequate ear training. The site allows you to choose whether you want descending, ascending, or both intervals.

One incredible thing about BigEars Ear Trainer is its easy use. It does not have a million settings or modules. It simply provides an excellent interval trainer.

Final touch

Technology innovation makes learning more accessible, especially ear training. The best ear training sites can ensure you get the necessary ear training exercises that can help you build your skills. The trick is to determine which skill you need the most.

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