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3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG Image Into Editable Text



3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG Image Into Editable Text

3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG Image Into Editable Text  – Converting images into editable text documents can be beneficial in many ways. It is difficult to find and sort any information from the images.

Once an image is clicked or formed, nothing can be added or removed from it.

On the other hand, if the information had been stored in an editable source like a notepad file, PDF, or word document format; it can be edited anytime.

Thus, an editable text document doesn’t restrict the information. Additionally, the text printed or written on a piece of paper also cannot be sorted or searched whenever needed.

So, if you are wondering how to easily convert a JPG image into an editable text format, then this blog is perfect for you.

In this article, we are going to list three different ways that can help you perform the conversion process.

3 Different Ways to Convert JPG Images into Editable Text Documents

Manually Convert JPG Image Into Editable Text

One old and time taking way to convert JPG images to editable text is reading and writing manually. It may take hours to convert an image into text if you don’t have exceptional typing and reading speed.

For converting images manually to editable text, you will need a PC with a notepad or MS word installed on it. Then you have to open the JPG in the image explorer.

Start reading the text written on the image and type it down on the MS Word or Notepad of your PC.

You can convert only a few images with this method because it is a very tiring task and require a ton of time. Hence, always adopt this method when you just have a convert a JPG with a few words on it. For the rest, see the next ways.

Use Online Tools to Convert JPG Image into Docs

Online tools uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that are highly advanced tools that use character-detection technology to determine the characters written in a document or image.

These tools are used by a variety of people to convert JPG to Word. These tools perform the same task of extracting the readable text from a JPG image and converting it into a Word file.

The difference is that; an OCR tool can perform this conversion on a larger scale by converting a bulk quantity of images to editable text in one go. It also just takes a few seconds to generate editable text from a JPG.

You can then make necessary changes in the converted editable text documents without any hassle.

For example offers a jpg to word converter available online that can convert JPG image into an editable word document:

How it works?

1. Dropping the JPG into the input field

2. Hitting the convert or submit button

3. Downloading the extracted text file

4. The final extracted text file that we’ve got in Word

Use Google Drive To Convert JPG Image Into Editable Text

You can say, this conversion is a trick but not a method. Anyhow, this way you can convert JPG to word. No one can imagine that JPG images can be converted into editable text in this way, but yes, it is possible.

To convert JPG to word, go to your Google Drive and upload the JPG image file there.

In this next step, go to the uploaded image and right-click on it. You will see an option ‘open with’ click on open with Google docs.

The uploaded JPG will be opened in Google docs with the text extracted from it.

Extracted Text in Word Document Using Google Drive:


Here we have done three easy ways to convert JPG to Word. Go with the second method if you want to convert multiple images because the first method will take a lot of time while the third method is a bit tricky.

Make sure to use high-resolution JPGs in conversion for better results and always choose a quality, secure JPG-to-word converter. Hope you find this post worthy!

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