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Tech Guide on Super Apps and Their Potential for Thailand Business



Tech Guide on Super Apps and there Potential for Thailand Business

The relentlessly increasing need for on-demand services and the ease of booking are the ground cause behind the popularity of on-demand apps in Thailand. In this space, super apps have burgeoned, providing a comprehensive range of online services inside a single app.

The unfolding of super apps, the number of services provided, and how each stakeholder will get benefits, etc., will be discussed here.

How did the name “super app” evolve?

To begin with, Mike Lazaridis, founder of Blackberry, was the pioneer to coin the term “super app.” According to Mike, if an application encloses multiple sub-applications and also one that simplifies the job of users to access different apps, then it is a super app.

Simply, a super app has many small applications, which will be owned by different third-party service providers. In order to get their apps lined up inside a super app, they will be charged a commission fee.

Benefits you can share with your users with the super app development

Just in the above section, we saw how users can procure the advantage of accessing multiple apps from a single app. Following this, there are many benefits for both your business and your users. Take a glance at those benefits right here!

  • No more memory constraints

Users don’t have to bother about memory constraints in order to install multiple apps. While they have super apps, the need for installing different apps is cut down, and memory constraints will not rise,.

  • Greater chances for pulling users

Now, it’s your turn of benefits. If an app provides different services, then people will generally have an interest in that app. Moreover, this is one of the easiest marketing tactics to pull users towards your app.

  • A warehouse of data

With the launch of an on-demand super app, you are guaranteed to get a warehouse of data. Businesses are data-driven. With the aid of data you get to collect from the app, you can take your business forward.

Generally, a user’s preference is the main data that helps you in optimizing your business decisions. Since your super app will have many types of services, payment methods, etc., you can get a clear-cut idea of the type of services they show an affinity for, the payment they choose, etc. So, using these intricate data, you can indulge in marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Surplus revenue

What can be more exciting for you than growth and revenue? Expanding your business has grounds on how well you perform marketing campaigns and attract users. Also, user retention is also one of the reasons for business growth. Alright!

Now, looking at the sources of revenue, you have chances of getting a surplus revenue through your super app. The main occupants of revenue are commission charges from your third-party service providers, ads fees, which is a common thing, and delivery charges for certain services.

Overall, both you and your users will pocket different benefits through the launch of a super app.

Stages you need to approach for a super app development for Thailand

  • Research is the key

Understanding what your users really need is the main thing. When you start a business, your input will be your business plan, which covers the market gaps, target users’ pain points, and your business solution.

In order to know your target users’ needs, research is the only thing you can carry out. Years back, Uber understood the psychology of people who prefer private taxis. There are so many hassles involved in booking a taxi through a traditional method. But Uber simply put a period to those pain points by letting them access taxis through an app.

Likewise, you must invest time to understand what your users are interested in and what types of on-demand services they need for their routine life.

An assortment of online services for your super app

Now, it’s time to know about the trending on-demand applications, which you can add to your super app.

  • Food delivery like Thailand’s FoodPanda

The growth of food delivery services over these years has seen a definite surge. Globally, the food delivery businesses have grown up despite the pandemic. Reports from Statista state that the revenue share of food delivery businesses will reach 154.34 billion USD by the year 2023.

Similarly, ghost or virtual kitchens are predicted to chip in around 50% of the global food delivery marketplace by 2030. Another imperative to be noted is the users’ preferred ordering channel. Data from Statista shows that 33% of users order from third-party apps and 67% from a restaurant’s own app or website.

This data will contradict in different regions. So, get to know your users preferred ordering channel.

  • Grocery delivery like Grab Thailand

Online grocery purchase has become a trend and the number of grocery app downloads has also increased in recent months. As of this May (2021), the revenue from overall grocery deliveries has increased and reached 5.3 billion USD.

The meal kit delivery service was another familiar trend in the grocery delivery business in recent times. In the US, a sound 35% of people have said that they prefer purchasing meal kits, which didn’t change during the pandemic and will continue to rely on meal-kit delivery services.

  • Ride-hailing like Uber in Thailand

Ride-hailing services faced major challenges during the pandemic, and obviously, the global share of ride-hailing services saw a dip. In 2021, the market value of ride-hailing services will be 117 USD. Here, let us know about the transportation marketplace of Southeast Asia in a few lines. In the year 2020, online transportation services generated around 11 billion USD. Within a span of 5 years, i.e., by 2025, the ride-hailing marketplace alone is expected to amount to 42 billion USD.

These are the very prominent on-demand services. In addition, healthcare, e-commerce, beauty services, etc., are also opportunistic for entrepreneurs like you. On-demand app development is one of the ways to create such an app.

Final thoughts

Before you buckle up to launch an on-demand super app, sketch a plan to overcome the challenges that might come your way. For example, the pandemic taught business persons how to get accustomed to a given situation, thereby not giving up.

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