CULTIC Chapter One Launches On October 13 For PC


CULTIC Chapter One Launches On October 13 For PC



(CTN News) _ First-person shooter CULTIC will launch for PC via Steam on October 13 for $9.99, publisher 3D Realms and developer Jasozz Games announced.

According to Jasozz Games’ sole developer Jason Smith, “I’m excited to release the first chapter of CULTIC.”

“The open-ended combat and play-your-way approach make for some truly unique experiences.”

From 3D Realms:

Discover untold horrors executed by an insidious cult as a disgraced detective.

You are mortally wounded when you approach the suspected compound of the group.

So it seemed. When you wake up in a mass grave, your wounds are fresh but unbleeding.

CULTIC begins with Chapter One, and Chapter Two will be released in the near future.

As you explore cult-controlled territory, you will encounter grimy facilities, dark forests, an abandoned mining town, and eerie catacombs.

As part of Chapter One, you will find 10 story maps, boss encounters, and new Survival maps.

Quick-thinking is the key to surviving the vicious cultists. C96, STEN MK. V, TNT, and sawed-off coach guns can be upgraded. Bullets out?

Slide, dash, and improvise in the environment. This retro shooter with a touch of modern flair features voxels and sprites inspired by the 90s.

CULTIC features a wave-based Survival mode inspired by Resident Evil 4’s “The Mercenaries” and Killing Floor.

Buy weapons, ammo, health, and armor between waves with the money you earn.

Compete on global leaderboards, mastering multiple difficulties,

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