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IRS 1099 MISC Form: How to Fill it Right

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IRS 1099 MISC Form: How to Fill it Right

If you need to file the IRS 1099 MISC form, read this article. You will learn how to do it in no time and how to send it.

IRS 1099 MISC Form: Detailed Guide and Tips

If you offer services to other people, you need to file the 1099 MISC form at the end of the year.

Although the form that requires a calculated amount of all the payments you receive from the clients sounds complicated to complete, you will quickly learn everything.

Find out how to report your miscellaneous income to the IRS.

What Is a 1099 MISC Form?

Form 1099 MISC is a form for miscellaneous information containing data on business payments.

Those involved in active trades or businesses who get revenues from entities or private citizens receive the receipts during the year.

This information is sent to the IRS and later used to calculate all the taxes paid.

Based on the payments received, the IRS can ask for the form 1099 MISC if it is royalties, rent, awards, prizes, or substitute payments.

For other payments stands form 1099 NEC. Non-employee compensation must not be included in form 1099-MISC.

IRS 1099 MISC Form

Who Should File Form 1099-MISC?

The form is usually circulated between freelancers and the IRS. The payments made by clients for the services businesses provide are reported through this document.

The form does not include any amount of money you pay to employees. The non-employee compensation is revealed in the 1099-NEC form. Taxpayers who need to fill the form:

  • Freelancers, independent contractors, or self-employed persons can file forms to the government and ask to receive them too, based on the nature of your business and actions;
  • Landlords who offer their houses for rent have to require the form with the payments made to property managers, attorneys, contractors, and professionals in the repair business. You can do this only if these people are not your current employees. The reports have to be $600 or more per year;
  • You need to fill out the form for the people you gathered for the federal income tax. The amount of money withheld does not matter.

How to Fill Out Form 1099 MISC?

The form is only 1 page long, but there are several copies, and you need to fill them all.

Pay attention to the data you provide since there can’t be mistakes:

  • Include the name, address, ZIP, and phone number of the payer;
  • In the next box, you need to include the TIN of the payer and the TIN of the recipient;
  • Write down the name of the recipient below;
  • Fill the box with the street address, apt number, city name, ZIP, and postal code. If the address is in a foreign country, you need to specify it;
  • Include the number of accounts, following the instructions provided by the IRS;
  • In box 1, name the amount of the rent;
  • In box 2, name the number of royalties, while in box 3 will be another income if you have it;
  • Box 4 is about withheld federal taxes;
  • If you have fishing boat proceeds, you need to indicate the amount in box 5;
  • Box 6 is for the Medical payments and health care;
  • In box 7, put a tick in the box if the payer made direct sales of $5,000 or over;
  • Box 8 is for the substitute payments;
  • Box 9 is for the crop insurance if you have it, and box 10 is for the gross proceeds for the attorney;
  • If you purchased fish for resale, include the earnings in box 11;
  • Box 12 is for the 409A deferrals;
  • Box 13 is for tick if you meet FATCA filing requirement;
  • Box 14 is for the golden parachute payments, while 15 is for the nonqualified compensation;
  • Box 16 is for the withheld state taxes amount, 17 is for the number of the state of the payer, and 18 is for the state income.

IRS 1099 MISC Form

More Tips and Warnings for IRS Form 1099-MISC

Not every taxpayer understands how to fill this form properly, and the IRS often complains about the misunderstanding.

You can’t avoid the problems by following simple rules:

  • Do not use the red forms; they are not for you;
  • You can’t cut the copies, and you need to leave the whole pages;
  • You can’t staple the forms together. IRS will not accept them;
  • You don’t have to use the $ sign every time you write the amount of money since it is already in your form;
  • You have to write the entire sum of money, including cents;
  • If you don’t need to use the box, let it be empty.

Sending Form 1099-MISC

You have to send this form by January 31. There are several options when it comes to filling out this form.

You may find the fillable 1099-MISC form on the official IRS website, print it, complete it, and file it by regular mail or scan everything and send it via email.

You can also use services like PDFLiner and complete the form online, so you can just send it to IRS directly:

  • Copy 1 goes to the recipient’s IRS department;
  • Copy B for the recipient;
  • Copy 2 to the recipient for addition to tax return;
  • Copy C for the payer.

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