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Naver To Offer ChatGPT-Like AI Services To Saudi Arabia, Other Governments



Naver To Offer ChatGPT-Like AI Services To Saudi Arabia, Other Governments

(CTN News) – South Korean search engine Naver wants to offer its latest artificial intelligence model, similar to ChatGPT, to foreign governments that have expressed concerns about US data export security.

The company is eager to develop regional AI applications for the Middle East’s politically sensitive nations, as well as for non-English speaking nations, including Spain and Mexico, which are eager to have their own AI systems tailored to their specific political and cultural circumstances.

Developing hyperscale ChatGPT AI for Naver will be a massive business since sovereign AI technology is becoming increasingly important for data protection, said Naver executive Sung Nako, who is responsible for developing hyperscale AI technology for Naver.

Hyperscale Artificial Intelligence is a term used to describe the process of organizing computing power and data in the cloud in order to train and operate AI in a large scale.

Recently, as a step forward towards supporting the country’s transition to the digital economy, Naver has signed a preliminary agreement with Saudi Arabia under which it will provide IT services, including tools for artificial intelligence, to the Saudi Arabian government.

It is almost like a new cold war as the US government now has the authority to investigate data and information stored on American companies’ cloud systems, Nako said, underlining that there is some hesitation from nations to use cloud and artificial intelligence systems based in the US because of security concerns.

Nako also provided an update on the company’s progress in developing artificial intelligence, stating: “We are about eight months behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT in terms of technology, but we are far better in terms of Korean services than ChatGPT.”

As he went on to explain: “We are clearly focusing on Korea and Japan for now, but we are also focusing on more overseas markets as we believe that localisation will be the key to success in the AI arena.”.

As one of the few countries where Google’s search engine has failed to dominate, South Korea is one of the most interesting examples here.

One of its most profitable businesses is the ChatGPT app, which is based on LINE chatting and services. Aside from managing webtoon platforms and K-pop fandoms, it also manages entertainment platforms for webtoons.

The company has been leading South Korea’s attempt to create an ecosystem for artificial intelligence.

It uses the HyperClova ChatGPT AI model

Which has been in existence since 2021 – as of last year to provide a variety of services using artificial intelligence.

It is no secret that the Korean government has a passion for technology and hopes that it will become the country’s next growth engine as a result of its strength in semiconductors and the well-developed IT infrastructure of the country.

There was already a collaboration between Naver and Samsung Electronics to develop chips that are suitable for artificial intelligence in the past.


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