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At The BMO Stadium, David Beckham Looks Tense During Inter Miami Vs LAFC



At The BMO Stadium, David Beckham Looks Tense During Inter Miami Vs LAFC

(CTN News) – Lionel Messi was a significant addition to David Beckham’s team when he signed him. The investment in talent has paid off handsomely for Inter Miami, co-owned by David Beckham, as they were able to witness the football legend’s excellent performance as they triumphed against LAFC on Sunday.

In preparation for the high-stakes match in the 30th round of Major League Soccer, the 48-year-old Englishman looked sharp, wearing a shirt, a tie, and suit trousers as he left the Manhattan Beach hotel with Messi.

Adding an edgy twist to his look with his recently revealed buzzcut, David Beckham added an edgy touch to his attire. Before going to the match, he exchanged greetings with a female companion who accompanied him to the stadium. The match concluded with an impressive 3-1 victory for Inter Miami.

As David Beckham watched the team he co-owns with Jorge Mas throughout the game, he exhibited understandable tension as he watched the team he co-owns with Jorge Mas. It was evident that he was focused as he observed from the sidelines that the game was taking place.

David and his two sons, Brooklyn, 24, and Cruz, 18, were among the A-list celebrities who gathered at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles to watch the match with David and their sons, Brooklyn and Cruz.

The signing of Lionel Messi by Barcelona had long been a poorly kept secret in the world of soccer.

Taking part in an inauguration ceremony in July that was attended by the entire Beckham family, Messi officially became an Inter Miami player, commanding a staggering annual salary of $60 million per year.

The presence of David Beckham at the match lived up to its hype as the team convincingly defeated their opponents, all while David Beckham watched attentively from the sidelines as the game progressed.

Several stars made their presence felt alongside the owner of the team.

There was Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Prince Harry, who shared jovial moments with LAFC co-owner Will Ferrell, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Mario Lopez, Tyga, and Brendan Hunt, among many others.


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