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Trump’s Bid To Delay New York Civil Trial Fraud Lawsuit Rejected: What’s At Stake?




(CTN News) – In a significant legal development, an appeals court in New York has rejected former President Donald Trump’s attempt to postpone a civil trial brought against him by the state’s attorney general, Letitia James.

This ruling sets the stage for a high-stakes, non-jury trial scheduled to commence shortly, following a recent decision by Judge Arthur Engoron that found Trump culpable of years of fraudulent financial practices and imposed penalties that could lead to the forfeiture of valuable properties.

Trump’s Road to Trial

Trump’s legal journey to this trial has been a contentious one.

Even before Judge Engoron’s verdict, Trump’s legal team sought to delay the trial, alleging that the judge was overstepping his authority and failing to adhere to a June appeals court directive to narrow the trial’s scope based on the statute of limitations.

This resulted in the filing of a lawsuit under Article 78, a provision permitting challenges to certain judicial decisions, along with a request for a trial postponement until this issue was resolved.

An appeals court judge, David Friedman, granted a temporary stay of the trial pending the full appeals court’s consideration of the lawsuit on an expedited basis. The recent ruling by the appeals court lifted this stay, allowing the trial to proceed as originally scheduled.

Importantly, the appeals court did not render a decision on the underlying complaints made by Trump’s defense regarding Judge Engoron’s conduct.

Throughout these legal maneuvers, Judge Engoron maintained his position, declining to participate in the appeals court proceedings, while other aspects of the case continued to unfold.

The Fraud Ruling and Its Implications

Judge Engoron’s ruling, issued during the summary judgment phase of the case, found Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, guilty of defrauding banks, insurers, and other entities through annual financial statements that substantially inflated asset values and misrepresented Trump’s wealth.

The fallout from this fraud ruling is substantial. Judge Engoron ordered the removal and dissolution of some of Trump’s companies, potentially dealing a significant blow to his financial interests.

Attorney General Letitia James alleges that Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $3.6 billion through these deceptive financial practices.

While the fraud ruling addressed the central claim in James’ lawsuit, six other allegations, including conspiracy, falsifying business records, and insurance fraud, remain unresolved. Additionally, the judge will decide on James’ request for $250 million in penalties.

The Ongoing Legal Battle

James’ office has vigorously argued that Trump’s lawsuit against Judge Engoron represents a “brazen and meritless attempt” to undermine the judge’s authority.

They contend that any delay in proceedings could disrupt the trial schedule and potentially conflict with Trump’s four pending criminal cases.

The civil trial is the culmination of a lengthy investigation by Attorney General James’ office, which included Trump providing testimony under oath and the exchange of millions of pages of documents. Judge Engoron has suggested that the trial could extend over a period of three months.

During a recent hearing, Trump’s lawyers sought clarity from Judge Engoron regarding his ruling, which not only revoked Trump’s New York business licenses but also placed certain companies under the supervision of a court-appointed receiver.

At one juncture during the hearing, a member of Trump’s legal team questioned whether there was any merit in proceeding with the trial, given that the judge had already made a significant ruling on the central issue.


The rejection of Trump’s bid to delay the civil trial in New York marks a critical juncture in his legal battles. As the trial looms, the former president faces potential far-reaching consequences for his real estate empire and financial interests.

The legal proceedings that unfold in the coming months will undoubtedly be watched closely, as they have the potential to reshape the post-presidential life of Donald Trump.

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