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Thailand to Reduce the Standard Safety Level of Air Pollution to 37.5 Microns from 50 Microns



Thailand to Reduce the Standard Safety Level of Air Pollution to 37.5 Microns from 50 Microns

(CTN News) – Beginning on June 1, 2023, Thailand will alter its minimum acceptable level of air pollution. To assist the Pollution Control Department in managing air pollution more effectively, the safety limit will be changed from 50 microns to 37.5 microns.

The Director-General of the Pollution Control Department, Pinsak Suraswadi, claims that the PCD is now carrying out the Level 3 plan.

According to the proposal, the department must ask companies for their participation by enabling employees to work from home.

Additionally, it finds that the agency must urge drivers to take public transit whenever feasible instead of driving as little as possible.

The proposal also requires building sites to scale down on operations that release dust into the sky, according to Thai PBS World. In addition, the proposal forbade open rubbish burning.

The “Burn Check” program, according to Pinsak, enables provincial governments to regulate the burning of agricultural trash. Administrators in Chiang Mai already use the app.

On the other hand, other provincial officials are presently being told to crack down on the burning of agricultural trash but are mostly not utilizing the program.

Currently, most of Bangkok’s neighborhoods have dangerous amounts of PM2.5 dust, contributing to the city’s poor air quality. The scenario is anticipated to last until Saturday when the air quality will somewhat improve.

Pinsak blames hotspots for the deteriorating air quality in the nation’s northern and northeastern areas and Bangkok. 1,200 hotspots were noted yesterday.

According to him, the cross-border smoke from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar is making things worse.

According to Bangkok’s governor, the BMA has reportedly previously alerted the public about the bad air quality. He said the federal government has set up a warning mechanism for the nation’s capital schools.

The BMA has ordered schools to ensure kids wear face masks but has not yet canceled classes. He also suggested that teachers discourage outdoor activities for kids.

He continued by saying that he wanted people to cease lighting candles, incense, and paper during worship. However, he asserts that since it is a matter of religious freedom, he cannot compel anybody to cease.

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