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Pakistan Debuts AI Chatbot Capable Of Managing Undiagnosed Diabetes




(CTN NEWS) – Healthcare professionals and medical experts in the field of diabetes have collaborated with technologists to introduce an artificial intelligence-driven solution aimed at identifying and managing millions of undiagnosed diabetes cases in Pakistan.

The innovative solution, known as Diabot, serves as a personalized diabetes assistant powered by AI.

Diabot assists individuals in determining their diabetes status, scheduling appointments with diabetologists across Pakistan, and furnishing valuable information on maintaining optimal blood sugar levels through dietary management and physical exercise, according to experts.

The launch of Diabot is part of the broader “Discovering Diabetes” project. Syed Jamshed Ahmed, the lead of the project, explained its capabilities during the chatbot’s unveiling ceremony.

He emphasized that Diabot utilizes AI to assess diabetes risk and operates as a personal assistant for patients, providing tailored medication reminders, dietary recommendations, lifestyle tips, and medication details.

Anyone calling the Discovering Diabetes helpline at 0800-66766 will be connected with Diabot.

Addressing the Diabetes Crisis: AI-Powered Diabot and Insights from Dr. Ali Asghar

Ahmed noted that due to the overwhelming volume of calls to the toll-free number, the decision was made to employ AI and develop Diabot to address common questions about diabetes, guide people in making healthier dietary choices, and advise on calorie intake to promote overall well-being.

He also outlined future plans, which include establishing an advisory board and expanding Diabot’s knowledge base.

Dr. Ali Asghar, Vice President of the Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) and a prominent diabetologist, highlighted the grave situation of an escalating diabetes epidemic in the country.

He estimated that the number of individuals with diabetes in Pakistan could be as high as 60 million, with a significant portion of them remaining undiagnosed.

Dr. Asghar identified physical inactivity and the consumption of unhealthy, processed foods, as well as the excessive use of unhealthy oils, sugar-laden sweets, confectionery, and sugary drinks, as the primary causes of diabetes in Pakistan.

He urged people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, steer clear of processed foods, and prioritize fitness and well-being.

Furthermore, he emphasized that due to increasing poverty levels, many individuals do not undergo diabetes screenings.

Healthcare Leaders Unite to Tackle Undiagnosed Diabetes Crisis

Haroon Qasim, Managing Director of PharmEvo, expressed their commitment to building a healthier society by launching the “Discovering Diabetes” project.

This initiative aims to identify undiagnosed diabetics and connect them with healthcare professionals, enabling them to lead healthier lives.

Highlighting the unfortunate reality that neither the government nor the general populace prioritize health, Qasim stressed the need for a collective effort among the Pakistani people to transform their dietary habits and lifestyles to foster a healthier nation.

Dr. Farhna Essa, CEO of Essa Laboratories, pledged to provide subsidized tests to individuals participating in the “Discovering Diabetes” project. For those unable to afford the costs, PharmEvo would cover the expenses for their diagnostic tests.

Waseem Badami, Brand Ambassador for Discovering Diabetes, applauded the innovative use of artificial intelligence in identifying undiagnosed diabetics and expressed hope that this approach would significantly contribute to the effective management of diabetes in Pakistan.


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