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Facebook Removes User Accounts and Pages in Thailand



BANGKOK – U.S. Social media giant Facebook has reported that they have removed accounts and pages in Thailand to counter deceptive political propaganda and other abuses.

Thailand was one of four countries targeted by Facebook the other three were Russia, Ukraine and Honduras.

Across the four countries, a total of 294 accounts, 1,509 pages and 32 groups were taken down. For what the Facebook called “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

They had a collective following of more than 274,000 people, Reuters reported.

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Facebook has has under fire from governments and left-wing groups for not combating extremist content or fake propaganda.

The accounts removed in Facebook Thailand used “fictitious personas” to promote narratives about Thai politics.

The alleged accounts also targeted U.S.-China relations, protests in Hong Kong, and criticism of democracy in Thailand.

Facebook was able to determine that some of the activities of this network were linked to an individual based in Thailand.

The page was associated with New Eastern Outlook, a Russian government-funded journal based in Moscow,” Facebook reported.

Accounts and pages from Russia and a region of Ukraine that discussed Ukrainian politics and criticized the Ukrainian government, were taken down.

They used fake accounts impersonating journalists or military officers, and were taken down ahead of an election in Ukraine last week.

In Honduras, Facebook said it removed fake accounts and pages posting positive content about the country’s president.

Adding that some of the accounts were linked to people who run social media for the government of Honduras.


Facebook Targeting Conservatives

Political censorship on Facebook appears to be far more extreme than anyone could have imagined.

And it should come as no surprise that this censorship is all directed towards conservatives.

According to a former Facebook insider who was interviewed by Project Veritas.

The social media giant has allegedly developed an entire set of tools that it frequently uses to suppress conservative voices and target outspoken right-leaning users.

Facebook can identify  “bad content” based on certain key terms that are often used by conservatives — including “MSM” for Mainstream Media and “SJW” for Social Justice Warrior.

Sadly, many other large social media platforms that once championed free speech are also fast becoming censors of political expression.

Abusing their power to determine which news reports you see and which opinions you hear.

Source: Reuters, Washington Examiner



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