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Pakistan Election 2024 Results Updates: 20 Feb

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Pakistan Election 2024 Results Updates: 20 Feb

Pakistan Election Results 2024: Live Updates. In a message from jail, Imran claims that the ‘ mother of all riggings’ occurred before and after the elections.

Aleema Khan, Imran Khan’s sister, said the PTI head referred to the February 8 elections as the “mother of all rigging”.

Aleema visited her brother at Adiala Jail today. In a subsequent media interview, she claimed that the public’s mandate had been “stolen” following the elections. She reported that Imran vehemently opposed the suspension of internet services, which he felt was used to “hide the real results”.

Aleema said Imran showed concern for the former Rawalpindi commissioner’s safety. “Now Khan sahib wants all this to end […] he demands the real mandate of the public should be handed over,” she said.

Shoaib Shaheen believes the public and global media know ‘post-poll rigging’.

Shoaib Shaheen, a PTI lawyer, claims that the public and international media know about the “post-poll rigging” in Pakistan.

“If we cannot take back the stolen seats, the public knows who they voted for, and even the national and international media knows how post-poll rigging took place,” he said.

Using an example from his area, Shaheen stated that independent candidate Mustafa Khokhar, JI’s Kashif Chaudhry, TLP’s Hafiz Khawar, and himself received Form 45s, but the results differed.

According to Shoaib Shaheen, the PTI is in the legal process of reclaiming stolen seats’.

PTI leader Shoaib Shaheen has stated that the party is working to reclaim “stolen seats from dacoits” through legal means.

On Geo News’ ‘Capital Talk’, Shaheen described the current situation in the country as “we asking the dacoits to give us a small share from the theft that took place”.

“Those who should’ve gotten 18-20 seats have robbed our seats and want to come in power,” he said.

Candidates for reserved seats are asked to submit election expenses by tomorrow.

Candidates for reserved women and minority seats in national and provincial assemblies must submit election expenditures to the returning officer by tomorrow, according to Radio Pakistan.

In a press statement, the Election Commission of Pakistan urged all reserved seat candidates whose names appear on Form 33 to submit their election expenditures.

The electoral watchdog said that if the election code of conduct is not followed, no notification of seat winners will be sent.

PFUJ condemns the suspension of social media and internet services in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has sharply condemned the disruption of social media and internet services in Pakistan, calling for the rapid restoration of all platforms, including X (previously Twitter).

In a statement, PFUJ President Afzal Butt and Secretary General Arshad Ansari emphasised the importance of the Internet and social media platforms as key sources of worldwide information. They emphasised that the interruption of these platforms constitutes a serious threat to the constitutionally protected freedoms of expression and communication.

“We urgently call for the immediate restoration and uninterrupted provision of Internet services in the country,” they wrote in a letter.

They added that such disruptions not only deprive individuals of critical information amid the current chaotic scenario but also impede economic activity.

Independents from Punjab’s Kasur and Jhang join PML-N.

According to a party announcement, successful independents from PP-180 and PP-128 have joined the PML-N.

Ahsan Raza Khan and Colonel (retd) Ghazanfar Qureshi met with PML-N head organiser Maryam Nawaz and agreed to work for the party.

PTI expresses concern over ‘ serious threats’ against Bushra Bibi during imprisonment.

The PTI has raised concern over the “serious threats” to former First Lady Bushra Bibi’s health while incarcerated in Bani Gala, warning that any harm done to Imran Khan’s wife will be the responsibility of the Adiala Jail authorities.

The party stated Bushra Bibi was in “intense pain” after being fed “poisoned food” in a statement. It stated that she could not meet with her relatives or a doctor.

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