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A Step By Step Guide To A Healthier Everyday Routine



Healthier Everyday Routine

Life gets easier with discipline and having a Healthier Everyday Routine makes you disciplined and enables you to enjoy a great lifestyle. A Healthier Everyday Routine ensures good physical and mental health that allows you to increase your productivity and further live a carefree life. Developing a healthy routine might be a bit uncomfortable at first as it requires you to move out of your previous old routine. However, with a constant nudge for a few days, it would be easier to form better habits which when practised for elongated time will turn into a lifestyle. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a Healthier Everyday Routine.

1. Sleep On Time

A good Healthier Everyday Routine requires you to work with nature. Before trying to wake up early, it is important to have a Good Night sleep. Sleeping on time at night will ensure that you wake up on time the next day. It is important to sleep for approximately eight hours to wake up with a fresh vibe. To sleep on time, avoid using devices late at night. Do not drink coffee six hours prior to sleeping as it can create disturbance in your sleep cycle. Further, ensure that you are done with your dinner three hours before you hit the bed.

2. Wake Up Early

Waking up early has many benefits. Firstly, it gives you the time to enjoy the sunrise, which can really turn any morning into a Good Morning. Waking up before six will help you to accomplish plenty of things before noon. After waking up, drink two glasses of warm water at first to detox your body before proceeding ahead with the day.

3. Exercise

It is important to move your body physically to stay fit and in shape. Not only exercise is good for the physical health of your body but it also improves your mental health. Choose any form of exercise that you prefer and do that for at least 30 minutes to get the heart pumping. Try to take a cold shower after you exercise to start the day fresh.

4. Create A To-Do List

Once the morning routine is set, the next job is to figure out what you need to do in the day. Create a to-do list for the same. After creating the to-do list, prioritize the tasks at hand and then schedule them accordingly. Sometimes, even without realizing we end up creating a long list of tasks that we need to do without actually having the time to complete the task. Time blocking is an effective technique to ensure that you are able to complete your to-do list without overburdening yourself.

5. Read A Book

Learning never ceases and it should never cease. We all are students of life and therefore, it is important to read books to expand our knowledge base and equip ourselves with the wisdom to function properly. It is recommended to read a few pages of non-fiction books in the morning to motivate yourself and read fiction before you sleep to silent your brain.

6. Eat Healthy Food

Drop the junk food that only adds extra calories with no real benefit. Try to have a balanced diet to ensure that your body is getting all kinds of nutrition. Keep the breakfast the heaviest and the dinner the lightest. Ensure that there are plenty of green leafy vegetables and fibres to detox your body.

7. Journal

Many times, we absent-mindedly go through our life without really extracting any time to introspect our life and see whether we are doing the things that we value. Journaling provides you with a way to introspect and be more mindful of your everyday actions which in turn, helps you to improve your life greatly.

8. Keep Your Environment Clean

The environment in which you live heavily decides the mood that you will be in. When you pick something from its place, ensure that after the job is done it is placed right back. Keep your environment clean and organized to maximize your productivity.

9. Take A Walk

Spending time in nature is important to stay connected with yourself. At night, after having dinner, go out for a walk in a nearby park to calm yourself down and stay grounded. You can give walking with bare feet a try to be truly connected with nature.

10. Engage In Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk cannot be scheduled but it is something that needs to be practised on a daily basis to protect your mental health. Keep your perspective positive and when you find yourself engaged in negative self-talk, change the direction of the thought by engaging in positive self-talk.



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