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Analyst: Walmart Has The Upper Hand Over Target

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Walmart also raised its full-year forecast. AFP

(CTN News) – Walmart (WMT) reported strong e-commerce sales during the first quarter, with the volume of delivery orders surpassing the volume of product pickups that took place in stores.

Oliver Chen, a senior research analyst at TD Cowen, is a guest on The Morning Brief to discuss the performance of the retail juggernaut in light of the fact that consumers’ budgets are becoming more constrained as a result of persistent inflation.

Chen gives Walmart the title of “top pick,” stating that it caters to “both the needs and wants” of the customer.

In light of the fact that groceries account for more than half of Walmart’s income, he asserts that the business continues to be exceptionally important to the corporation. On the other hand, the company also offers fantastic deals on something that is more expensive.

One area that is gaining traction is the Walmart+ membership program.

This offers customers incentives such as free delivery and savings on gas. He highlighted this as an example of a growing initiative.

Although Target (TGT) has been promoting higher-end products through partnerships such as its one with Diane von Furstenberg, Chen believes Walmart does a better job when it comes to basic items such as underwear and basic clothing. According to the analyst, Walmart has the opportunity to become more of a lifestyle brand with apparel, expand into dresses, amplify their presence in denim, and trade customers up. The company has already started renovating its shops and introducing additional private-label products in an effort to attract higher-income clients.

“We also witness what we call ‘customized moderation,’ which indicates that customers are oscillating in value, trading up and down with one another…He asserts that it is possible to get the desired appearance of being fashionable and well-groomed at a cost that is not prohibitively expensive.

If you would like to view the whole Morning Brief episode, which contains further expert insight as well as the most recent activity in the market, please click here.

The volume of Walmart’s delivery business experienced robust e-commerce sales during the first quarter, which outpaced the sales of in-store pickup.

John David Raine, Chief Financial Officer of Walmart,

Responded to our inquiry regarding the state of the consumer market by stating that it has been relatively stable.

We are the thing that everyone is endeavoring to locate.

Despite the fact that they have been quite consistent from one quarter to the next, we ought to be more aware of the fact that there is something there.

It has come to our attention that individuals’ wallets are still stuffed with money, and that they are looking for bargains.

Although Oliver Chen is the individual we are interested in bringing on board, they are nonetheless exercising restraint when it comes to acquiring those more expensive things.

Greetings, Oliver! It is wonderful to see you. A senior research analyst, he goes by the name of TV Cowens.

Just curious as to what your thoughts are on the information that Jon David has just shared with us.

What does it ultimately mean for Walmart in the next quarters if we continue to see people who are willing to spend money despite the fact that they are under some significant amount of pressure?


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