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Everyday Wellness Routines to Manage Undue Stress

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Stress is something that many people face throughout their lifetime. It can occur because of something simple like a hectic schedule. Stress can be very prevalent after a major life event such as a death in the family or losing a job. Some people are better suited to deal with their stress.

Other people find that their stress consumes them. They will feel like they can’t turn off their mind at night in order to get a good night of sleep. Stress can also raise blood pressure, cause palpitations and decrease a person’s overall appetite. We experience stress at some point during life. It’s important to find ways to practice self-care and reduce stress.

Tips for Fighting Stress

How you feel stress in your body can help you determine what to do to reduce this stress. Various stress-management techniques are available.

  1. In the morning, when you’ve already woken up feeling stressed, you can practice something like meditation or deep breathing. You can do this before you’ve even left the bed. If you’re having trouble getting going in the morning because of your stress and anxiety, this is a way to center your mind and get started.
  2. As your day goes on and you feel more stressed, you can employ a number of other techniques. Working out in the middle of the day can help boost healthy hormones in the body that will make you feel better. If you can keep a good workout routine going multiple times each week, you’ll notice a decrease in the amount of stress that you’re feeling.
  3. When the evening finally rolls around, you should let your body start to wind down. Once you’ve arrived home from work, you should make yourself a healthy meal. Lean protein, vegetables, fruit and whole grains are great dietary options if you’re feeling stressed out.
  4. Take some time to do something you enjoy doing. This can be reading a few chapters from a book, doing yoga or taking a warm bath. Make sure you shut down your computer and phone at least one full hour before bedtime. If you’re feeling stressed out and overworked, make sure you get to bed at a normal time of night. Don’t keep yourself up to worry more and more.

Using CBD Oil for Stress

There are a number of different prescription medications that can be used to decrease stress, promote more restful sleep and help with anxiety. However, many of these remedies can cause addiction and unwanted side effects. You can utilize CBD oil as a way to decrease stress each day.

CBD can be taken regularly as a way to balance your body and alleviate stress symptoms. You can also take it when you have a particularly rough day as part of your daily routine. If you’re using it daily, capsules and tinctures are the most common methods of administration. If you’re taking CBD as needed, you can opt for an edible, a vape product or a CBD-infused beverage for fast absorption.


If you have decided to take the plunge and try CBD for stress relief, make sure that you do plenty of research before making a purchase. You want to make sure that you’re buying a high-quality CBD product that is going to provide you with the results that you’re looking for. You may be tempted to save a little bit of money, but investing in a good quality product will make all the difference when it comes to results.

About the Author

stress and CBD oilAlex Malkin is CBD-enthusiast, researcher, and co-founder of, a trading platform for CBD products and educating.

Alex is the author of the book “CBD: A Door to Better Health” and certified Nutrition and Wellness specialist.