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A mosquito-Borne Virus Threatens Indiana Residents



A mosquito-Borne Virus Threatens Indiana Residents

(CTN News) – After detecting a rare and potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus in northern Indiana, health officials are warning residents to take precautions.

A warning was issued Thursday by state public health and animal health officials following the discovery that the eastern equine encephalitis virus was active in multiple northern Indiana counties, with four horses testing positive for the virus.

Dr. Bret Marsh, state veterinarian, advised that until the first hard freeze of the fall season occurs, the virus “poses a serious threat to both horses and people in northern Indiana.

According to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health, two horses in LaGrange County and one horse in Kosciusko County have tested positive for the virus as of Tuesday.

Neither human cases of the disease nor mosquito-borne virus infected with the virus have been reported in Indiana this year.

However, officials noted that due to the presence of suitable habitat for mosquitoes that can transmit the virus, horses and humans in all northern Indiana counties may be at risk.

In addition to avoiding being outdoors when mosquito-borne virusare present, residents are urged to eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Even though the virus is rare, it can cause serious illness and has a fatality rate of approximately 33% or higher, and many people who recover may experience long-term complications. Chills, fever, body aches, and joint pain are some of the symptoms associated with the virus disease.


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