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How to Maximise Body Weight Workouts at home?



How to Maximise Body Weight Workouts at home?

You don’t need to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment for staying fit. You can easily get a good workout at the comfort of your home using your body weight.

Working out at home is not only easy but also solves the most pressing problem many people face, i.e, lack of time. You can also save a lot of money on gym membership or fitness classes. Additionally, this also offers you the flexibility to workout anytime of the day and without feeling self-conscious.

But now, you might be thinking working out at home can be monotonous. Well, it’s not! Working out at home doesn’t mean doing the same exercise everyday. You can choose from a variety of workout options including cardio training and sports to yoga and dance.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into how you can use your bodyweight and maintain your fitness at home.

You can buy the best manual treadmill for your home, to maximise your workouts using your body weight as resistance.

Why are body weight workouts beneficial?

You don’t need fancy gym equipment like dumbbells or rowing machines to stay in shape. Your body weight is enough to get you a good workout.

Bodyweight exercises are a simple and efficient way to exercise at home without any equipment. They target multiple muscle groups at the same time instead of limiting it to only one body part (as in the case of weights), which is a huge added advantage.

It helps to boost your fitness and improves strength, balance and flexibility. If you engage more muscles, you’d be able to stabilise your body and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Tips to workout & stay fit without any equipment

Follow these 6 simple tips to stay in shape and workout without any equipment:

Focus on bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight workouts are beneficial for those looking to stay fit without going to the gym. Rather than using different, fancy equipment, you use your bodyweight as resistance.

It helps build strength and muscle, while also improving cardiovascular health. The primary advantage of bodyweight exercise is you can do it anywhere, and any time of the day.

Some popular bodyweight exercises to include in your routine are push-ups, squats, lunges, sit-ups & crunches, etc.

Increase intensity

If you’re working out at home without equipment, an easy way to progress is by increasing the intensity. And, there are numerous ways to increase the intensity of the workout to make it more challenging.

You can change the speed and tempo, going faster, slow down or add a pause to make your workout more challenging. This allows you to add more intensity to your workout and build more strength.

You can also consider doing 1.5 reps. This increases the time your muscles are under tension, making them work harder without adding weight.

A good option to maximise your workout sessions is to purchase the best heavy-duty treadmill or exercise bike to lose weight which can be used to improve stamina and endurance.

Consider reducing rest time

Resting is crucial for your body. It gives your muscles a break which reduces the risk of injury.

However, the rest time for home workout shouldn’t be as long as the rest time when you’re working out in a gym. If you’re working out at home without any equipment, you can consider reducing your rest time.

Try resting for 30-60 seconds instead of 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

Use the stairs

Another terrific way to stay fit using your body weight is using the stairs. You can walk or run up and down the stairs to get some cardio.

Stair workouts can be quite adaptable. You can emphasise the strength by varying the speed and intensity of how you climb. Other than climbing up and down, you can also do exercises like step-ups and incline/decline push-ups using the stairs.

Play a sport

You can also start playing a sport to stay fit and make your fitness routine more interesting. It helps to increase immunity and blood flow while reducing cholesterol and hypertension.

You can pick any sport of your choice and play to your heart’s content. Sports like squash and tennis also help build muscle and endurance, keeping you fit and active.

Focus on mobility

If you think your movements are getting rigid, it makes sense for you to start working on your mobility. Greater mobility makes it easier to move through a full range of motions while performing different workouts. It also increases muscle growth, while minimizing the risk of injuries.


So, these were some prominent tips to help you start working out at home without any equipment, and using only your body weight. Hope these tips will help you, especially if you’re serious about getting fit at home.

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