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Six Motorbike Taxi Drivers Beat Maltese Tourist in Pattaya



Michael Gassar, 48, and his Thai girlfriend after the Assault


PATTAYA – A 48-year-old man Michael Gassar from Malta was badly beaten after he quarreled with a motorbike taxi opperator who then brought other Motorbike taxi drivers into the scuffle.

According to a report by Pattaya Today, Michael Gassar, 48, and his Thai girlfriend had bought jewellery and had some drinks before taking a motorbike taxi to an auto teller machine (ATM).

When the cash machine snatched his card and refused to dispense his card or any cash, Gassar became angry and repeatedly kicked the machine. The taxi driver said he tried to restrain the foreigner, however, the two argued while the Gassar continued to assault the ATM.

At this point, the Motorbike taxi driver reportedly called upon six friends who readily attacked the lone Maltese man—beating him with a metal rod and a beer bottle. Neither the victim nor his girlfriend could identify the assailants, Gassar is in hospital recovering from his injuries.


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