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Thai Deputy Police Chief Released on Bailed Over Online Gambling Charges

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Deputy Police Chief Released on Bailed

Following the arrest of Deputy National Police Chief Surachate Hakparn over alleged money laundering in connection with an online gambling network, the Royal Thai Police stated Wednesday that it will organize a committee to probe the charges and allegations.

Gen. Kitrat Panphet, the acting national police head, announced the decision with regards to Gen. Surachate, who was released on bail after handing himself in on Tuesday night.

“When the disciplinary department believes there is a plausible suspicion of misbehavior, it is up to the commander, who is me, to determine whether to form a committee to investigate the facts and offer the investigated person the opportunity to explain.

“There will not be an immediate suspension of Gen. Surachate,” Kitrat told Thai media.

The interim police chief stated that a fact-finding commission of officers of equivalent rank to Surachate would be formed to investigate the claims and determine probable next steps.

“If the investigation reveals wrongdoing, a disciplinary inquiry committee will be established at a higher level. “That stage will consider whether suspension, dismissal, or provisional placement out of service is required,” Kitrat explained.

Deputy Police Chief Released on Bailed

Police Gen Maintains his innocence

The probe comes after a criminal court approved an arrest warrant for Surachate on Tuesday, which investigators from the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) had requested. Surachate faces allegations of participation and money laundering in connection with an online gambling network investigation, according to the warrant.

According to officials, the internal police inquiry will not have an impact on the criminal case.

Surachate maintained his innocence after surrendering to the Tao Poon Police Station on Tuesday evening and being released on a 100,000 baht (US $2,722) bond, vowing to assist with the judicial proceedings.

“We shall now engage in a variety of legal processes, investigations, and case orders. As a result, today, I must exercise my right to contest the case,” he told reporters.

“I am deemed innocent as long as the judge has not issued a verdict. I am innocent unless the NACC proves otherwise. Today, the process has only began with allegations. I’ve been released and will return to work as usual.

The prime minister, Srettha, stated that all parties engaged in the matter would receive fair treatment.

The Surachate inquiry is the most recent step in simmering tensions within the Royal Thai Police force, which erupted in September when Lt. Gen. Traitrong Piewpan, then commander of the Office of Legal Affairs and Litigation, raided and arrested his allies. Traitrong stated that these steps were linked to the gambling ring probe.

Thailand Police Chief and Deputy Suspended Amid Allegations of illegal Online Gambling Links

Top Cops Transferred to Inactive Post

In March, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin ordered the temporary transfer of National Police Chief Gen. Torsak Sukvimol and Surachate to the Prime Minister’s Office, designating Kitrat as interim police chief while a committee looked into the internal conflict.

In an attempt to demonstrate that there was no schism between them following Srettha’s instruction, the two policemen spoke to the media together at police headquarters.

“People think police Gen. Surachate and I have issues, but as I’ve said from the start, we actually don’t have any problems with each other,” Torsak told the same group of reporters at the time.

Surachate, for his part, stated that he was willing to face investigation.

“If the prime minister issues an order, I must comply because I am a permanent official and he is my superior. I am ready. “I don’t see any issues with winning or losing,” he stated at the time.

The high-profile case has rekindled calls for extensive police changes in Thailand, with opponents noting senior officers’ suspected involvement in illegal operations as a sign of the force’s long-standing problems.

“Regardless, police reform is essential. Nobody knows if Surachate is guilty or not, but it has a significant impact on credibility.

To restore the confidence of the police force, we must focus on building a strong system of checks and balances, as well as raising ethical and disciplinary standards,” said Worachat Awipan, a scholar at Payap University’s Institute of Religion, Culture, and Peace Lab.

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