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Thai Police have Cracked down on a Major illegal Casino Network

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Thai Police have Cracked down on a Major illegal Casino Network

Thai police recently announced their success against one of the largest illegal online gambling networks, highlighting the importance of protecting users from cyber threats. It proves that law enforcement agencies around the world are actively fighting crime in the virtual space, blocking websites and mobile apps, and encouraging users to be more mindful of their online security.

Details of the incident

As you know, gambling in Thailand has been banned since 1935, so casino activity is strictly punishable by fines and imprisonment.

However, despite the ban on gambling, many Thai residents actively play online casinos through megapari app and applications of other well-known brands. Controlling the work of these platforms is quite difficult, so players can always satisfy their passion for gambling.

The police of Thailand’s Technology Crime Bureau have had significant success in cracking down on a large illegal online gambling network that had members of more than 200,000 players.

Coordinated raids at 12 locations in Bangkok led to the arrest of four suspects, including the group’s manager and financial officials. The successful operations resulted in the seizure of assets worth about 320 million baht, which is approximately 8.9 million US dollars.

It should be noted that among the seized assets were seven luxury cars, bank deposits, gold jewellery, Buddha amulets, branded goods, and real estate, the total value of which is estimated to be millions of baht. This recent success of the police was made possible by their relentless fight against technological crime and the active use of modern crime-fighting techniques.

Law enforcement authorities also noted that the monthly revenue of the gambling network known as “fullplays39” was estimated at 480 million baht. And while arrest warrants have been issued for 16 people, mostly those who agreed to open bank accounts for the racket, only four of them have been arrested so far.

How police in different countries are fighting illegal online casinos

Police in different countries are actively fighting illegal online casinos, using a variety of methods and techniques to combat this type of crime. Here are some examples from different parts of the world:

  • In China, police regularly conduct extensive operations to shut down illegal online casinos. Recently, dozens of illegal gambling sites have been raided and shut down. In addition, police have arrested several members of criminal gangs running these sites and confiscated large sums of money.
  • In the UK, police are working with the Gambling and Lotteries Commission to detect and shut down illegal online casinos. They also look to technology companies to track and block access to such sites.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US actively pursues the owners and operators of illegal online casinos by infiltrating their networks to identify and apprehend criminals.

In all these cases, success in the fight against illegal online casinos is achieved through the active cooperation of law enforcement agencies with governmental and non-governmental organizations, the use of modern technology and investigative techniques, and strict policies against lawbreakers.

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