Why Are Mitsubishi Turbochargers So Good?


Why Are Mitsubishi Turbochargers So Good?



Many motorists worldwide consider Mitsubishi Turbochargers the most reliable turbos in the market.

In addition, the equipment works with leading automotive brands, and the company has a reputation for developing genuine aftermarket parts for all vehicle types.

What is a Turbochargers?

A turbocharger, also called a turbo, is a centrifugal compressor that boosts an internal combustion engine’s intake pressure.

An exhaust gas turbine attached to the engine’s exhaust system drives the compressor.

The most significant difference between a standard naturally aspirated petrol engine and a turbocharged diesel engine is the latter compresses air before fuel injection.

It’s why the turbocharger improves the efficiency and power output of the diesel engine.

The turbocharger compresses air before it reaches the engine’s cylinder. Compression reduces the distance between oxygen molecules in the air.

The space left after reduction allows the cylinder to accommodate more fuel, which generates more power and enhances the efficiency of the combustion process.

Therefore, turbocharged engines are smaller, lighter, and have better fuel economy than naturally aspirated powertrains.

On the downside, turbochargers can cause overheating if your vehicle lacks an intercooler—excess heat causes engine failure and melting of engine components.

Sometimes, turbo might cause your engine to wear out faster.

Why Mitsubishi Turbochargers?

Mitsubishi offers extensive aftermarket parts, including turbochargers and air brake systems for trucks and trailers.

The aftermarket products line has two divisions – replacement service parts and performance upgrade components.

The replacement parts category comprises actuators, center housing rotating assemblies, and complete turbochargers.

All replacement parts are genuine, made on the same assembly lines, and match OEM specifications.

Both new and refurbished service parts are versatile.

On the other hand, performance upgrade components include direct bolt-on and universal turbochargers.

These are intended for sports cars and other high-performance applications. As mentioned earlier, Mitsubishi turbochargers are famous for their high output and unmatched reliability.

So, why should you purchase Mitsubishi turbochargers?


Mitsubishi boasts an extensive range of turbochargers that covers different vehicle types, including private cars, commercial vehicles, ships, and aircrafts.

The basic structure of Mitsubishi turbochargers is similar to gas turbines and jet engines, two products the company also produces.

A close look at the aerodynamics of turbo rotors and compressor wheels gives you a glimpse of the company’s expertise in developing high-speed centrifugal compressors.


Mitsubishi has over 50 years’ worth of experience in developing turbochargers.

The company built its first turbocharged diesel engine for industrial applications in 1957. Later, it started developing turbochargers for the automotive industry.

Since then, the number of incidents involving the company’s products has been few, a testament to the quality of their products. The legacy lives on to date.

High-quality Manufacturing Process

Mitsubishi adheres to a high-quality manufacturing process throughout its production.

The turbocharger manufacturing unit in the United States follows the standards implemented at the company’s headquarters in Japan.

Most turbochargers are made using state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic production lines.

After this, they undergo Poka-Yoke, a mistake-proofing mechanism that seeks to eliminate any errors.

Then, each component is assessed using data matrix scanning. The last step in production involves a 360-degree optic inspection.

These reduce the risk of engine breakdown and turbocharger failure.

Wrapping Up

Turbochargers improve combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

If you own several commercial trucks, consider upgrading to turbocharged diesel engines. This move saves money and increases your profits.

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