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How to Choose Your LLC Name?

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How to Choose Your LLC Name?

Choosing a name for your LLC (limited liability company) business is one of the most interesting aspects of starting a business. You may already have an LLC name in mind or be considering a couple of options.

Your LLC name impacts the first impression of your brand’s client and separates you from your rivals. It also safeguards your business at the state and federal levels. Registering your name guarantees that your business name is unique and cannot be utilized by any other organization. Read and learn how to choose the best names for your LLC.

Hints for Selecting an LLC Name

Choosing a name for your LLC is not always as it may seem. A good LLC name can improve your chances of getting investors. There are several things you should consider when picking an LLC name. Below are a few of them:

Craft a unique name

On a legal note, the name of your LLC can’t be the same as an existing business that’s registered in your state or similar to a trademarked phrase. State data sets can tell you if an LLC name is accessible in your state, but not whether the name is trademarked. To check whether your ideal business name is still available, do an LLC name search through your local Secretary of State office.

Next, do a name search at the Trademark Office site. Regardless of whether the name is available in your state, you might not use it if it is too similar to a trade name utilized elsewhere. For instance, if you are starting a coffee roasting business in New York City and need to name it Coffee Plan, a fast Google search will show that clients could mistake you for Coffee Project, a well-known New York City cafe.

Your name should be memorable

Shorter names are often easier to recall and have a more vital effect. For best results, choose names with two or three words. Furthermore, adhering to names that are easy to spell and pronounce is crucial. This will make your name to be easily searched for online.

Another way to make your name memorable is to include unique components like rhyme, alliteration, or strong syllables. Focusing on evocation and benefits can accidentally yield positive perceptions. Terms like “limitlessness” or “dawn” are great examples. Catchy names makes it easy for potential customers to remember.

Do a quick trademark search

The penalties for trademark name encroachment are serious, so it is vital to ensure that your choice of business name is not already protected. Also, you ought to ensure that other names, domain, etc., will not infringe on someone’s trademark rights.

Trademark infringement is a serious offence in most jurisdictions. Sometimes trademark infringement could cost you huge fines or even imprisonment. Therefore, choosing a name that doesn’t infringe on another’s companies trademark is very important. Furthermore, you with get an idea of how to choose the best names with infringing on copyright.

Shouldn’t contain any prohibited or restricted words

A lot of states likewise restrict specific words in a business name. Some are words that the state considers unseemly. Others are expected to shield the general public from being deceived. For instance, a state probably won’t permit “Insurance” in a business that is not an insurance agency. The endorsement of the insurance department may be needed before permitting the use of that word. They likewise restrict words that show it is a type of entity that it isn’t. An LLC can never have a “corporation” in its name. In other words, don’t use any restricted word in your LLC name.

Should be distinguishable 

The legal name of your limited liability company or corporation should be distinguishable from the names of different entities on record with the state documenting office. If not, the state might decline to file the documents from your LLC or corporation.

A similar rule of it being distinguishable applies in certain states while filing for an assumed or DBA name. Moreover, there are various states where assumed names don’t need to be recognizable. This means more than one company can document the same assumed name.


For the majority of LLC owners, picking a name for their business is probably the main thing on the to-do list. You need a particular business name that lets people know what products or services you sell or offer. You need a memorable name. Simultaneously, it is easy to articulate.

Ultimately, you want a legal name, that is, one that meets every one of the rules for LLC names set by your state. Always remember to do a quick search for a trademark whenever you decide to register a business name. Also, pay special attention to names that are prohibited or restricted in your state or country.

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