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Man Arrested for Luring Children into Sending Naked Photos




Cyber police in Thailand have arrested a 37-year-old man for allegedly persuading an 8-year-old girl to send him naked photos of herself. The pedophile was arrested in front of his house in southern Thailand’s Chumphon province.

Police said the man is mute and did not release his name.

Pol Col Runglert Khanthachan, who led the arrest, told media that the man approached the 8-year-old girl through Instagram and manipulated her via texts to send him naked photos of herself.

When the child’s parents learned about the incident they took their complaint to a TV channel. The TV station ran the story on the alleged child abuse, which led to the man’s arrest.

After the story aired local police officers contacted the family to seek further information about the incident. An investigation into the matter led them to the suspect. They obtained a court warrant to arrest him.

The arresting officers seized the suspect’s mobile phone and discover photos of the child and other children stored on it.

Police said that after further interrogation with the aid of a sign language interpreter they learned the suspect had also approached other little girls to produce pornographic material.

Police look for other victims

During questioning, the suspect allegedly admitted he had used Instagram and Line chat apps to approach the girls, encouraged them to send naked photos to him.

Asked why he did it, the man said he was lonely and had no friends, Investigators also said several girls aged 8-11 years had fallen victim to the suspect. The investigation continues.

According to UNICEF in Thailand, there is an average of 52 children being sexually, physically or psychologically abused, neglected, or exploited each day or more than 2 children in every hour.

Reported cases of violence against children are on the rise. According to the One-Stop Crisis Centre, hospitals tended to more than 10,000 such cases in 2015; around two-thirds of those cases related to sexual violence – mostly sexual abuse against girls. Due to the limited functioning of the current child protection system, many incidents likely go unreported.

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