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Thailand’s “Heat Wave” Creates Record Power Grid Demand

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Thailand's "Heat Wave" Causes Record Power Grid Demand
Electricity consumption reached a new high: File Image

Thailand is experiencing significant heat waves, resulting in an increase in air conditioner electricity consumption. As temperatures rise, homes and businesses have turned up their air conditioners to combat the unpleasant heat.

This surge in demand has put a strain on the country’s electrical power grid, forcing officials to advise residents to reduce unneeded cooling.

Despite the government’ pleas, many Thais believe air conditioning is important for comfort and productivity amid the searing heat wave.

Electricity consumption reached a new high of 35,830 megawatts at 8.58 p.m. on Monday, when temperatures across the country averaged 35-38 degrees Celsius, with a top temperature of 42 degrees Celsius recorded that day, according to energy officials.

The demand exceeded the previous high of 34,656MW established on the evening of April 6.

According to energy officials, the prolonged hot wave has resulted in the setting and breaking of power consumption records eight times since February 22, when demand of 30,989MW first shattered the previous year’s record.

Outside of the hot and dry season, Thailand’s electricity consumption averages less than 30,000MW. The Energy Policy and Planning Office predicted that this year’s demand peaks will exceed 35,000MW due to the El Niño weather phenomena.

This cyclical process causes the waters to warm, raising temperatures and causing drought to many areas.

Thailand's Meteorological Department Warns North Over Heat Wave

Thailand’s Meteorological Department Warns North Over Heat Wave: File Image

Heat Wave throughout Thailand

The Meteorological Department predicted on Monday that the unusually hot weather in the North, Northeast, central plains, and East will linger until Sunday. A low-pressure system is expected to persist over these areas until April 28, causing extremely hot and gloomy weather.

Temperatures may reach 43°C in the north, 42°C in the central plains, 41°C in Greater Bangkok, the northeast and east, and 40°C in the south, according to the department.

Officials recommended people to avoid prolonged outdoor activity if possible.

According to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, the sun will reach its zenith over Bangkok at 12.16pm on Friday, exactly above the city as it migrates north.

According to a survey by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), the hot weather was one of the causes that drove the Thai Industry Sentiment Index to 92.4 points in March, up from 90 in February.

Kriengkrai Thiennukul, chairman of the FTI, attributed the surge to individuals purchasing more household equipment and furnishings.

Because of the hot weather this year, air conditioners have sold well, he noted.

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