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Top 10 Most Popular Websites to Buy Instagram Followers

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Instagram is the fastest-growing social media channel used by millions of people. While some people are switching to it to boost their social media presence, some promote their brand. However, you need more engagement on your account to create any difference. Due to the increasing competition, it has become more difficult than before to gain organic followers and likes. That’s why marketers use different tactics to get more followers on their accounts. Some buy Instagram followers, and some buy Instagram likes.

If you’re planning to buy Instagram followers, here are the top 10 websites you can get new instagram followers from.

Top 10 websites to buy Instagram followers


People who are sick of bot or inactive followers will like The company promises to sell only genuine and real Instagram followers, likes and comments to their clients. With this, ActiveIG has established its name in the field of providing social media services, and all the credit goes to the experienced marketers working dedicatedly to grow their client’s accounts.

ActiveIG also has an active customer support team to guide you through the process and solve your doubts, if any. The payment options used by the website are also very safe, which means you don’t have to worry about any fraud or mishappening. If you want to grow the engagement on your account by buying Instagram likes at the lowest prices.


The list would be incomplete without mentioning Qubeviews. The website is a complete social media agency that has assisted many influencers and clients grow and get famous on Instagram. If driving more engagement by buying real followers is your goal, which should be, then Qubeviews is your answer. Thanks to their large network, they only deliver real followers and likes.

The fastest delivery is an added advantage you get when you choose They claim to deliver their order within 24 hours of placing the order. Suppose it takes more time than expected, or you face any issues while placing the order. In that case, their customer support team is always available. In addition, the plans offered by the website are very affordable and won’t crush your marketing budget.


Truefollowers is a site that helps all kinds of social media influencers and brands to double their presence on Instagram. Whether you’re a travel blogger, fashion and make-up blogger, a fitness enthusiast, or a social media chef. No matter what your needs are, Truefollowers will be able to assist you.

Needles to say, the website has the most affordable plans available in the market. However, I don’t think the cheap prices mean they will sell bot followers. The company claims 100 % genuine followers and likes, and their customer reviews verify the same.


The provider claims to take businesses to the next level with their genuine and reliable services. They have worked with many established influencers and brands; hence, they know what will grow your audience and engagement.

If you’re worried that bought followers will leave your account within a few days of delivery, worry no more as the retention rate the website delivers is among the best in the market. In addition, you can select from any affordable package available on the website.


The platform proudly has thousands of satisfied customers. With buylikesservices, you get fast delivery and premium followers. You can buy any number of followers from as small as 500 to a huge 50,000 at a very fair price.

Whether you are on a very tight marketing budget or need a seller with the best prices, Buylikesservices is a place you should come to. The platform works to provide its clients with the best output at the least cost.

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If you’re looking to maximize your reach, look no further than The website works to popularize your brand so that more people come to know about it. Along with Instagram, you can take services from Wbix for a vast array of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

As a good seller, they also offer round-the-clock customer services in case you need help. The customer care executives listen to your queries and resolve them with effective solutions as soon as possible.


The website can also offer customized plans for all its clients; here, you can buy followers under your budget. Instadean has been around for a while, and they sell genuine followers, not bots. In addition, they have years of experience, so you’ll have a more specialized and dedicated platform to invest your money in.

In the custom-made plan, you can ask followers from different or specific locations. You can also ask for female or male followers as well.


Smmkart is another social media service provider that aims at boosting their client’s profile. The website has a creative team of market analysts who formulate different strategies to help your account reach its full potential on the platform. They have worked with many musicians, influencers, bloggers; hence they know how to build a growth pattern for you.

If you have never bought Instagram followers before, you can start by buying 100 followers and see the results for yourself. You can also buy as many as 10000 Instagram followers from the website at very affordable prices.

8. Smviews

Smviews has stood out in the toughest competition because of the genuine and affordable services they provide. They have been considerably successful in delivering engagement and growing their client’s profile overall. Clients love smviews for the quality services they provide. Be it retention or refill guarantee, fast delivery, or organic followers, you just get the best.

Smviews follows a budget-friendly approach where they let you choose from different packages made to fit every marketing budget. So, depending on your marketing budget, you can buy as few as 100 followers or likes or as many as 5000 likes or followers.

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9. Buyviews

Buyviews has maintained its position in this list because of the cost-efficient and customized plan they offer. The website is one of the most efficient and dependable sites for buying Instagram likes or followers. In addition, the website makes sure you always stay on top of your competitors by giving you the fastest delivery.

Buyviews offers followers who won’t only sit on your profile but will also drive significant engagement. Therefore, if you buy likes or followers from them, you’ll create a very strong network of supporters for your account.

10. Wrapping Up

Many people have a misconception regarding buying Instagram followers. There’s nothing wrong with this practice, and it’s completely legal. Most of the popular brands are buying followers to increase their rankings and reach.

Once you’ve decided to buy Instagram followers, make sure you run a background check on the seller and check the reviews. To make everything look original and to increase your engagement, it’s best to buy Instagram likes and Instagram comments along with followers. All the 10 sites mentioned on the list offer genuine followers, and you can check their customer reviews to be sure.


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