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Twitch Reports Huge Numbers In January As It Grows

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Twitch Reports Huge Numbers In January As It Grows

(CTN News) – As a streaming platform, Twitch performed well in the month of January 2024, according to a report published by Stream Elements and

The number of watch hours reached 1.9 billion in January 2024, which was the highest figure since the COVID-19 pandemic (when everyone was forced to stay indoors).

There has also been an increase in the number of watch hours per day since September 2023, with the number of watch hours being increased from 54.7 million to 61.4 million in just four months.

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There were a few large esports events throughout January that contributed to Twitch’s success as well as the launch of popular games such as Palworld, which contributed to Twitch’s success as well.

Several standout titles were promoted via exclusive giveaway campaigns on the platform, among them Escape from Tarkov, which was deemed as one of the best titles of the year.

There was a month-on-month growth of more than 180% in streaming viewership for Escape from Tarkov, according to StreamElements.

Trying desperately to earn a share of the content creation kingdom, has once again begun to sniff around Twitch’s heels in a bid to gain some ground.

Furthermore, Team Green saw significant growth in 2024, as the platform made its first forays into esports in order to reach an even greater audience by turning to esports for the first time.

It is similar to Twitch that is following closely behind in terms of content creation, bringing up the rear and trying to gain some market share as quickly as possible in this crowded market.

In the year 2024, with Team Green making a major play into esports for the first time, aiming to bring in even more viewers, the platform has seen substantial growth as well to kick off the year with a bang.


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