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Google CEO Predicts Profit From Content Verification Based On Artificial Intelligence

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Google CEO Predicts Profit From Content Verification Based On Artificial Intelligence

(CTN News) – Google’s artificial intelligence model could read Leo Tolstoy’s five-million-word novel in a minute.

Alphabet-owned company Gemini on Thursday updated its suite of AI models, which it announced two months ago. With just one prompt, Google’s AI can analyze vastly more content than before – 30,000 lines of code, 11 hours of audio, and an hour of video.

Pro is the family’s mid-sized model. Anthropic’s Claude 2.1 technology can handle five times as many tokens as Pro does, perhaps the closest competitor in this regard.

It was not possible for Reuters to independently verify the claims.

The rapid arms race in Silicon Valley to develop the most reliable and most marketable technology is reflected in Google’s increasingly voracious AI, which follows releases by ChatGPT’s creator, OpenAI, and others.

According to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the advance would fuel his company’s myriad businesses. Ultimately, he said, search was making possible a new way of searching.

The way you’re presenting the world to people is opening up a whole new world of questions.”

In one example, Pichai said, a moviemaker could ask Google’s AI to judge a rough-cut film like a critic would. In his words, “this is just one use case we discussed as a team, but there are no limits here.”.

The other is querying several companies’ financial reports at once, according to Pichai. An AI demo demonstrated how it could extract information from a 44-minute video in about 59 seconds, and a user could ask it to respond to a combination of text and imagery.

Along with updating Google Search and YouTube, Alphabet aims to attract customers with Gemini 1.5. Alphabet recently saw its sales rebound after losing ground to bigger rival and OpenAI’s backer Microsoft in the previous quarter.

Google announced Thursday that it would open its million-token AI to a limited number of businesses, while developers could build with version 1.0 and upgrade once it is available.

In response to a question about when such powerful AI models, typically cost-intensive, would be profitable for Alphabet, Pichai replied: “These are profitable things for us. Over time, we’re going to get very, very efficient at running them.”

Among the improvements Google highlighted for Gemini 1.5 was its efficiency. To gather information, Google implemented a “mixture of experts,” a less onerous approach based on its prior research and a competitor’s announcement.

It is more efficient to call a savant rather than dial every person you know to answer a question, according to a company official.


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