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Top Mobile Testing Companies of 2022



Top mobile testing companies of 2022

The field of mobile app development and support software is undergoing a true digital transformation. In today’s reality, users have access to a wide variety of mobile software.

If mobile software products are too slow, take too long to load, or do not contain up-to-date information, people stop using them and choose other alternatives.

From this follows an urgent need to create the most perfect mobile product, which will increase company profits and attract new markets (in the virtual plane, of course). In addition to development, app testing services are also important. After all, this is one of the most fundamental criteria for the successful release of mobile software.

Challenges of mobile testing

The mobile software testing process is complex in nature itself. Because the software market never stands still, the developers of such web products must constantly keep abreast of all the innovations of the mobile market: from the release of a new version of the operating system to the introduction of test automation tools.

There are also a number of challenges that software testing companies face:

  • Lack of professionals. If a mobile product combines complex components, it is understandable that a single tester will not be able to perform full-fledged software testing. In this case, you can’t do without an experienced team of experts.
  • Limited time before the final release. Due to the constant growth of competition between web companies, clients are no longer willing to wait two to three months for their mobile app to be created and thoroughly tested. In a situation like this, preference will always be given to companies that can provide full test automation services.
  • Test Labs. When it comes to mobile app testing, there is always the issue of the devices and mobile operating systems on which the testing will be performed. If a QA company has a kind of “test lab” with a current assortment of mobile gadgets, the client will first of all pay attention to it.
  • Test automation tools. Mobile programs are very susceptible to security breakdowns. To test such vulnerability you need the most effective tools. The creation of OS model combinations on a certain group of portable gadgets is a very lengthy process, and it is better to turn to experienced and skilled experts in this field.

Here is the list of the top 4 mobile app testing companies that are rightly considered the leading providers of top-notch services in this field.

1. U-TOR

Website –

Well-known Ukrainian company ready to provide top talent in quality assurance to software companies helping them create perfect products and build excellent software development processes.

Suitable for: all kinds of startups, digital agencies, and companies that are interested in collaborating with an experienced team of top-notch mobile app testers.

Main services:

Known clients: Hallam, Round Pegs, Mohara, Futuro.

Cost of services: as agreed by the parties.


Website –

Well-known Los Angeles-based company ready to provide testing services both on an hourly schedule and round-the-clock support.

Suitable for: any startups, digital agencies as well as big companies.

Main services: mobile software testing (iOS/Android), website testing, test automation, agile consulting, API testing, optimization of QA methodologies.

Known clients: BMW, Google, Taco Bell, H&R Block, and Mission Minded.

Cost of services: as agreed by the parties, hourly rates + long-term partnership contracts are possible.


Website –

Suitable for: trial testing, creation, and implementation of universal test cases, as well as localized software testing services.

Core services: exploratory testing, test case execution, localization testing.

Well-known clients: Microsoft, Spotify, Evernote, WhatsApp, and others.

The cost of services: there are three pricing plans to choose from (starting from $2,900, mid-range from $5,200, and a corporate plan from $15,500).


Website –

TestMatick is a well-known software testing service provider that specializes in performing more than 20 types of quality control checks of any web product.

It is suitable for: fast business processes, for purposes of establishing a universal testing methodology, multiple testing of a constantly developing web product, for optimization and software performance improvement purposes.

Main services: mobile web products testing, automated software testing, personalized performance testing services of various web products.

Known clients: Hubrick, IMPROBABLE, eraCloud, Dahmakan, Sweetrush.

Cost of services: the company cooperates with its clients on the basis of three selected plans (Fixed Price – Time and Materials – Dedicated team).


Website – for: SMEs and large enterprises.Main services: automation testing services, software performance testing services, software testing outsourcing, web application testing, manual software testing services, and so on.Known clients: Sprinklr, WeHeartIt, SoftNAS, CipherHealth, and others.Cost of services: the cost of services is discussed individually with each client and depends on the complexity of the project and its duration.

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