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Best Auto Dialer Software Products of The Year 2022

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Auto dialer software dials numbers automatically from a contact list and when a call gets answered, it connects to an agent or a pre-recorded message.

But it also includes an extensive selection of uses like emergency notices, debt collection, weather alerts, fund-raise, etc. Some of the best auto dialer software products are as follows


ICTBroadcast is the best auto dialer software and it features Voice, SMS, and Email communications. It is open-source software and it features multiple dialing modes like predictive dialing, progressive dialing, power dialing, and manual dialing through WebRTC web phones.

ICTBroadcast is a complete inbound and outbound call center software solution that features a variety of campaigns and it has an advanced routing system and pay- management system that makes it a perfect choice for internet telephony providers.


Nextiva perfectly integrates with important CRMs allowing you to leverage Nextiva’s click-to-call features. Nextiva uses Go Integrator to tie the gap between it and your software.

That unlocks click to dial ability, and it is possible to easily click the icon to start a call. While not an autodialer, this will still reduce a lot of your time and effort while giving your team a good view of the contacts they are dialing.


PhoneBurner is one of the best auto dialer software and it is trusted by many businesses. This software may be opened from anywhere and the PhoneBurner auto dialer helps businesses to increase productivity by 400% and makes it possible to succeed in 80 leads per hour.

This makes it easy to manage contacts and all the campaigns without the necessity for a CRM. PhoneBurner can be integrated with Salesforce, and much more. The API makes it very likely to integrate PhoneBurner with all the CRM software.


RingCentral ranks one among the most effective software on the list of call center software. RingCentral has all to manage your center, including the auto-dialing feature, to maximize the outbound productivity.

RingCentral has detailed solutions for all healthcare services, financial services, and education. It also has exact features for cloud phones, video conferences, and phone centers.


Five9 is a leader in cloud call centers and it is trusted by all brands. Five9 has been providing the software for almost twenty years. Five9 includes a wide range of dialing modes to house the necessities of your organization.


ChaseData provides keys for businesses of all sizes and the software is trusted by sales teams and by marketing departments.

ChaseData provides solutions for small businesses that need something beyond all approaches and it also offers a free trial that features a lot of telecom minutes per agent, so that you will be able to see what the tool is about.


CallHub is a great solution for call center software, and SMS promotion software. It is the best choice for political campaigns and also for non-profit organizations. The software has a list of integrations for precise scenarios.

CallHub’s dialer has a predictive dialing feature, preview dialing feature, and Robo dialing feature. CallHub advantages chart fully includes boundless agent accounts, good analytics, and good pay pricing.


Voicent is trusted by many companies and also by non-profit organizations. All of the tools are completely integrated and also it covers a built-in CRM to track customers.

The software has an excellent automation feature for tracking all customer messages. Voicent message template circles up a screen for the auto-dialer feature. The top auto dialer feature is the skill to deliver recorded messages to lists of contacts.

Nice inContact 

Nice inContact may modernize large-scale contact centers. That platform has the entire thing you request to control at scale. It is trusted by big brands. In addition to dialing, and call center, Nice inContact has many tools for presentation management, quality management, and CRM integration.


ContactSPACE knows that its software can revolutionize the agents and their representatives to do their work. This calls for contacts and customers that are not out-of-date.

By only pointing at the right people at right time, you can charge your sales, prevent the leak caused by not making contact rapidly enough, and have better confidence that will lead to a positive outcome.



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