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Spotify Now Automatically Transcribes Millions Of Podcasts



Spotify Now Automatically Transcribes Millions Of Podcasts

(CTN News) – According to a statement published by Spotify earlier this week, the company will be offering auto-generated transcripts for podcasts in the coming weeks to a greater number of podcast creators.

As a podcast episode progresses, the transcript text will also be time-synchronized to follow along with the episode visually, so that the listener can follow along visually with the podcast episode as it progresses.

A transcript is available for you to read along with if you scroll down below the podcast player and tap into the “read along” section to the left of the player.

In addition to making the podcast more Spotify accessible to users of the podcast, a transcription of the show can also be used by listeners to skip around and skim through an episode without listening to the full episode all the way through.

It is expected that Spotify will be able to offer this tool to ‘millions’ of podcast episodes in the future, and that creators will be able to add media files to the transcripts in the future, which can be helpful in describing an image on an episode, for instance.

As a result, mobile Spotify podcast listeners around the world will be able to jump around between chapters along with transcripts as well as jump between multiple episodes when listening to a podcast on their mobile device.

In addition, podcasters are able to add chapters to their shows that are time-stamped and briefly describe the topic or segment of the podcast so that listeners can preview topics or jump right in at specific points in the podcast.

There is no doubt that the auto-translation feature follows on from the recent addition of a voice cloning tool created by artificial intelligence that is capable of translating podcasts into multiple languages using a variety of AI algorithms.

The Spotify tool, which was announced earlier this week, uses OpenAI’s Whisper technology to create podcast episodes in other languages from podcast episodes in English.

To date, only a handful of podcast creators have been able to use the feature, which will allow them to translate their English-language podcasts into Spanish, and French and German Spotify translations will be added in the near future.


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