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ChatGPT Desktop Verison And New AI Model Are Launched By OpenAI

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Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, at the Hope Global Forums annual meeting in Atlanta on Dec. 11, 2023. Dustin Chambers | Bloomberg | Getty Images

(CTN News) – OpenAI updated ChatGPT’s AI model, desktop version, and user interface on Monday to expand its use.

Mira Murati of OpenAI’s technology head said the update offers live streaming of GPT-4 to everyone, including free users. She stated GPT-4o is “much faster,” with more text, video, and audio capabilities. OpenAI plans ChatGPT video conversations.

“This is really the first time we are making a huge step forward in terms of ease of use,” Murati explained.

MS-backed OpenAI is worth approximately $80 billion to investors. Because it spends a lot on processors and infrastructure to build and train its models, the 2015-founded startup is under pressure to dominate the generative AI market and make money.

GPT-4o pervades. ChatGPT can now handle 50 languages faster and better, and OpenAI’s API lets developers build apps with it, Murati said.

ChatGPT-4o is twice as fast and half as expensive as Turbo, she said.

OpenAI researchers used the new model’s acoustic capabilities to relax before a lecture. Mark Chen of OpenAI said the model can “perceive your emotion” and withstand disruptions. The team also requested it assess a user’s facial expression to determine feelings.

Hello, how’re you? How may I improve your day? When ChatGPT arrived, audio mode said.

A blog post says ChatGPT Plus members will get early access to Voice Mode in the coming weeks. OpenAI said the new model can respond to auditory instructions “in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds, which is similar to human response time in a conversation.”

Chen told the model to sound more passionate or robotic when telling a bedtime story. It was invited to sing the tale.

OpenAI said its new model can translate audio in audio mode. The technology could listen to Murati speak Italian while Chen talked English and translate.

Team members demonstrated the model’s ability to solve math equations and write code, outperforming Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot.

One of OpenAI’s biggest announcements since ChatGPT Enterprise’s August launch. OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap told CNBC that over 20 firms of different sizes and industries built the tool in “under a year”.

OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are spearheading a generative AI gold rush, with companies across industries using chatbots and agents to compete. Anthropic, an OpenAI competitor, released its first enterprise solution and free iPhone app this month.

The record $29.1 billion in 2023 went to 700 generative AI deals, up 260% from 2022, according to PitchBook. Revenue should surpass $1 trillion in a decade.

Some industry participants worry about the speed at which unproven new services are deployed, and academics and ethicists worry about technology bias.

ChatGPT boasts 100 million weekly active users and was the fastest-growing consumer app in history following its November 2022 launch. OpenAI claims 92% of Fortune 500 companies utilize it.

At the Monday event, Murati said OpenAI wants to “remove some of the mysticism from the technology.” “Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out these capabilities to everyone,” Murati said.

A Monday blog post said ChatGPT Plus and Team will get the new model on Tuesday, followed by Enterprise. The free ChatGPT app will have constraints starting Monday. Free ChatGPT customers have five times less message capacity than Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.

Murati thanked Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and his company for supplying OpenAI’s GPUs to close the video.

“I just want to thank the incredible OpenAI team, Jensen and the Nvidia team for bringing us the most advanced GPUs to make this demo possible today,” she said. possible today,” she said.


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