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Refreshing Samsung’s 2023: Is It Time?



Refreshing Samsung's 2023: Is It Time?

(CTN News) – Samsung’s always coming out with cutting-edge products to serve this world’s ever-diversifying population.

There’s a phone for every possible buyer in every market. Their phones are durable, they have the uber expensive fold ables, they have the high-end flagships, and they have the largest mid-range lineup of phones you can’t remember all of.

The US market could use a bit of a refresh, since they’ve completely taken over the Android ecosystem as the #1 OEM for a while now. Here’s what I mean.

Refreshes are only for devices that get heavily marketed here in the US. We’re a US site, after all. I’m talking about the Galaxy Z, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Watch lines.

For each of these lines, we don’t even need leaks or renders to know what to expect for any calendar year, which makes it kind of boring.

As an example, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, and two models of the Galaxy Watch 6 in 2023.

There won’t be any hardware differences, but all the phones will have cameras on the back like the Galaxy S22 Ultra (header image). Once that’s done, everything will be the same size. I’m just guessing, but back in September it was reported that it was possible.

Right now, that’s the state of Android hardware. There’s a big difference between phone to phone and OEM to OEM when it comes to the backside.

With big screens on every device, there’s no room for differentiation on the front, so companies are spending big on the back of phones. Some do better than others (Google). Don’t worry if you don’t agree, it’s a subjective statement.

With Samsung, I don’t really expect a change in hardware or software, but maybe I’d just like to be surprised by something instead.

I don’t want leakers to stop. I would like Samsung to change something, whether it’s the lineup of these devices or something more substantial.

I’ll give you an example. In terms of specs, I want a Galaxy S22 Ultra, but in a Galaxy S22 body. I need a really reliable small phone. Smaller phones always get shafted on specs.

If you buy an iPhone “Pro,” whether it’s the big one or the tiny one, you’re getting a very similar experience. The freakin’ monster phone isn’t for everyone.

My dream is to have two Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra models in 2023, one big and one small. Do you think it’s possible? Probably not in 2023.

Samsung won’t surprise anyone in 2023, but 2024 could be the year something drastic happens after a reported not-as-good-as-expected sales year in 2022.

KG says these companies adapt their strategies constantly to fit the market, so “anything is possible!”

Is Samsung coming out with a new phone in 2023?

Samsung is all set to launch its newest S23 series in February 2023, however, the company is also planning to bring the Fan Edition of Samsung Galaxy S22.


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