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Jio Postpaid Plans 2023: Price, OTT Benefits, New Connection Details



Jio Postpaid Plans 2023: Price, OTT Benefits, New Connection Details

(CTN News) – Among all Indian telecom operators, Jio Postpaid Plans has a strong postpaid plan lineup. Imagine that you’re planning to get a Jio Postpaid connection or convert your existing prepaid Jio connection to a postpaid one. Then you need to know Jio Postpaid Plans.

Some plans include Netflix Mobile and Amazon Prime Video, while others don’t. Here are all Jio’s postpaid plans.

What are the highest-rated Jio Postpaid Plans for 2023?

Jio Postpaid Plus and Regular Postpaid are the best Jio Postpaid Plans. You should choose the Rs 199 Regular Postpaid plan if you want to get the maximum value.

Although OTT subscriptions are not available, the pricing is the best of any telecom company. With the Rs 399 Postpaid Plus plan, you can watch Netflix Mobile and Amazon Prime Video.

You also get 50GB more data than the Rs 199 plan.

Postpaid Regular Plan from Jio

Postpaid plans from Jio cost Rs 199. Here’s the plan:

Postpaid Plus Plan by Jio

According to Jio Postpaid Plans, the Jio Postpaid Plus Plan offers “superior connectivity, entertainment, and experience.”

With Jio Postpaid Plus, you get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for free. All the Jio Postpaid Plus plans are here:

What is the Jio Postpaid Family Plan?

You can add more SIM cards to your subscription if you choose the Rs 599, Rs 799, or Rs 999 Postpaid Plus plans. To the Rs 599 plan, you can purchase an extra SIM card. For the Rs 799 plan, you can add two more SIM cards.

If you want to save more money, you can just get the Jio Family plan for your family.

For international rates, you can refer to the Jio website for more information.

JioSaavn Pro

Use Jio Postpaid to subscribe to Jio Saavn. No data or calling benefits, but all JioSaavn Pro benefits

  • Get 55+ million songs

  • The JioTunes app

  • Empfehlungs

  • No ads

  • Free downloads

  • Take a listen

  • Audio quality

  • Content that’s exclusive

  • Sonos, Alexa, and more

Access & offers

How do Jio Postpaid Plans Regular plans differ?

While Jio Postpaid Plus comes with Netflix mobile and Amazon Prime Video, Jio Regular Postpaid does not include OTT subscriptions. Jio Postpaid Plus has different plans, while Jio Regular has only one.

Jio Prepaid to Jio Postpaid conversion?

Jio Postpaid subscriptions can be converted:

The steps are as follows:

Jio’s website:

  1. The Jio Postpaid Plus page can be found here.

  2. Choose a plan and click Get Now.

  3. Please enter your name and phone number.

  4. Go to Generate OTP.

  5. Choose Postpaid.

  6. Then click on Submit New Jio Sim.

  7. Your Jio customer support executive will contact you, visit you shortly after, and do the rest. If you want an upgraded connection, you must have your AADHAAR card.

Find a Jio store near you:

Become a Jio Postpaid customer by porting over your prepaid connection. Bring your Aadhaar card. Your prepaid connection will be changed to postpaid.

Questions and answers

What is Jio’s postpaid monthly bill?

The Jio postpaid plan determines the monthly bill. This page lists Jio’s postpaid plans.

Which Jio postpaid plan is cheapest?

Jio’s cheapest postpaid plan is Rs 199.

Three months free Jio SIM?

To use Jio SIM, you need a prepaid or postpaid plan. The three-month free trial is over.

4) Should I get postpaid or prepaid?

Postpaid isn’t better than postpaid. It depends on your needs. Prepaid plans usually cost more than postpaid.


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