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Nintendo Switch Mid-Gen Upgrade Cancelled



Nintendo Switch Mid-Gen Upgrade Cancelled

(CTN News) – A Rumohr of a shopping mode for the Nintendo Switch Pro spread like wildfire in the year 2021. This spread all the way until the company announced the Switch OLED the following year.

Not only was that announcement a major bummer for those looking for a mid-generation upgrade for the handheld console hybrid, but after the announcement the company shut down rum ours of a Pro model a couple of weeks later.

In spite of that, Digital Foundry claims that it may have been part of the company’s original plan from the beginning.

During the Digital Foundry Direct Weekly podcast, John Line man stated that he believes there will be some sort of mid-generation upgrade planned for the Nintendo Switch’s shopping mode at some point in the future.

Line man made the claim after speaking with developers over the phone, which is consistent with previous reports that have gone along similar lines in the past.

Based on Nintendo’s vehement denial (which is pretty out of character for the company), it seems likely that plans had changed internally before the OLED model was announced.

Instead of continuing to build upon the success of the Switch, Nintendo is likely working on a new generation of hardware. This will build on the success of the current generation.

This will likely mean that the mobile console idea will be carried forward. This is basically the identity of the brand right now in the gaming hardware space when it comes to consoles.

According to fellow DF contributor Oliver Mackenzie, it is unlikely that this will be available by the year 2023.

The successor model will have the opportunity to feature more modern hardware and technology, but it remains to be seen whether that actually pans out the way we expected.

The part of the podcast where all this is discussed can be found by clicking on the link below, and then jumping to the 52:46 mark of the show.

Before the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch was launched, even the current generation of the Nintendo Switch had seen a series of incremental upgrades.

Earlier this year, Nintendo released a variant of their Switch that had a more efficient processor that provided longer battery life than its previous version.

In addition, this is the processor that was used in the Lite model that was launched around the same time. However, the new OLED model available at the same time.


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