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How to Recover Deleted Photos Quickly on Different Devices?



How to Recover Deleted Photos Quickly on Different Devices?

Do you want to recover your deleted photos quickly? If yes, you are at the right place. As you know, we are living in a century where about 90 percent of people are photogenic.

People love to capture every happy moment of their life, especially proposal day photos, wedding photos, birthday photos, and kids’ photos.

People want to keep all photos safe on Their computers. Few people keep their older adults’ photos to keep them safe for a lifetime.

However, a few times, we accidentally delete photos because deleting any file on a PC or phone is easy and quick. On PC, when you press shift and del together, it automatically deletes the selected file.

Sometimes PC windows start updating itself, and it automatically deletes the files which are present in the download folder or documents. If your pictures are in it, it automatically deletes the photos.

Additionally, on the phone when you use the factory reset option, it deletes all your pictures. Sometimes we format the PC’s hard drive to remove all viruses; in this, all data from the PC will be deleted, including photos.

So, we can say that there are a lot of situations where our photos get deleted without our consent. So, what should we do to get back our photos?

Let me tell you, use “Data Recovery software” to get back your all-deleted files. in This article, we will tell you what data recovery software you should use to recover your deleted photos in 2022.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on PC?

PC users can recover all deleted photos with the help of different software, but majority of software are difficult to use and take too much time.

If you want to recover your deleted photos immediately, then use iTop Data Recovery software.

iTop Data recovery

iTop Data Recovery is one of top rated and quickest software that enables you to recover all kinds of data in one Click.

If your favorite pictures got deleted accidentally, you could recover them from your device with iTop Data Recovery software.

The interface of this software is easy; people can use this application without hurdles.

Additionally, it helps you get back all your images of different formats, such as jpg, png, SVG, gif, ico, jpeg, BMP, etc., with one Click.

In one click, it shows you all deleted photos, and you can preview all recovered photos, and if you want to recover all images click all, or if you want to recover just a few favorite pictures you can recover pictures easily to your PC on selected location.

Moreover, this software enables you to get back your deleted files, videos, audio, and other data without taking time.

How to recover photos with iTop Data recovery software in 2022?

The iTop Data Recovery is easy-to-use software; a beginner can easily recover their photos easily.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide

  • For recovering photos; you have to download iTop Data Recovery software from the official website. After downloading, install the software on your PC
  • After installing software, launch it, and it will show you different options, tap on the option “photos” to recover photos and select a location from which you want to get back your photos.
  • Now click on scan, and scanning will be started; it will take a short time to recover all photos
  • after scanning, and it will show all recovered photos of different formats.

  • If you want to recover all photos, click on file type. It will automatically select all your Photos. Tap on the recover option.
  • If you want to recover one or two photos, tick only those photos and tap on recover.
  • Now select your location, and get your photos back to that folder successfully.

How to recover deleted photos on your Android device?

If you have an Android device and you factory reset your device, and your files get deleted. you can still recover your deleted or lost photos on your Android device.

  • Hold your Android device in your hand, go to the Google Photos application
  • Now select deleted photos, and tap on restore; your deleted pictures will have resorted on the device

How to recover deleted photos on your iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, you can recover your deleted photos from iCloud.

  • First of all, sign in to your iCloud, tap on photos
  • Now find recently deleted photos, tap on the photo which you want to recover
  • Tap on the download option and recover your photos on your device again


Every single picture is important to us, and we feel sad when our pictures are accidentally deleted, but nowadays, it’s possible to recover all deleted photos on your PC, Android, and iPhone.

There is a lot of software that can help you to get back your lost or deleted photos. But use iTop Data Recovery software to recover your photos on your PC. You can recover all deleted photos in one click only.

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