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DeviantArt Unveils A New Safeguard To Block Art-Generating AI System



DeviantArt Unveils A New Safeguard To Block Art-Generating AI System

(CTN NEWS) – DeviantArt, a Wix-owned artist network, has announced new creator safeguards that would prevent their work from being used to develop artificially intelligent (AI) systems that make art.

By choosing a choice on the site, creators can stop their work from being scraped without their knowledge or consent.

Introduction of Text-to-Image Technology

Text-to-image technologies like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion became widely used online at the beginning of this year. Because of this, art-housing platforms decided on a policy on whether or not to show AI-generated art.

Aware of AI-generated art’s impact on artists and the potential legal ramifications of using copyrighted data to create art, Newgrounds, PurplePort, and Getty Images have outlawed it.

In an email conversation with TechCrunch, CEO Moti Levy stated that there is no denying the disruptive potential of AI tools for the arts. Additionally, it would be challenging for DeviantArt to try and ban or restrict this art technology.

Despite this, the company appears to recognise its obligation to respect each artist’s creation. They want to put into practise specific steps like developing fair tools and improved protections.

TikTok now offers its first text-to-image model for creators with the addition of “AI Greenscreen.”

Protecting Artists and Their Work

The new security measures on DeviantArt will use an HTML element to stop image-crawling software robots from downloading images, which are used to create reference libraries.

The “noai” and “noimageai” directives would be applied to the HTML page for any time an artist requests that their work not be used in the development of AI systems.

The company still wants to protect true artists

Third parties who use DeviantArt-sourced content for AI training must remove the tagged content from their data sets. Levy claims that this is stated in the updated terms of service for DeviantArt and must be followed.

Levy stated that DeviantArt expects all users who utilize our service or the DeviantArt website to respect creators’ decisions about the appropriate uses of their content, including for AI purposes.

For its part, DeviantArt is urging other creative networks to embrace artist safeguards. According to TechCrunch, the corporation has already begun discussions with numerous stakeholders about implementing such measures.

However, it is doubtful that it will be able to unify the larger industry behind this tactic, given the possibility that less moral actors may disrespect DeviantArt’s terms of service and scrape images without regard to the HTML tag.

Welcoming AI Arts

On the other hand, DeviantArt always has and will continue to accept artwork made utilizing outside AI technologies.

According to TechCrunch’s story, the CEO claimed that in only the preceding four months, there had been a nearly 1,000% rise in the number of “AI-art” submissions to the site.

Levy asserted that DreamUp, DeviantArt’s brand-new internal AI art generator, is designed to make the creation of AI images “safe and fair.” As a result, the platform is doing more than just allowing AI art.

DreamUp is a generator based on Stable Diffusion that uses DeviantArt-specific models to direct the creative process toward current fashions.



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