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Thai Man Sets Wife on Fire for Posting Selfies on Facebook

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A jealous husband doused his wife in petrol and set her alight after flying into a rage over innocent selfies she posted on Facebook.

PHAYAO – A 26 year-old mother of one suffered horrific burns across her entire body and face – needing three emergency operations and several more after her jealous husband doused her with gasoline and set her afire after she posted three innocent selfies on Facebook.

Nednapha Nuankhul, 26 had been married to Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, since January of last year but he became possessive and abusive months into the marriage.

Ms Nuankhul posted three innocent pictures on Facebook in December – sending her husband into a jealous fury.

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(Nednapha Nuankhul, 26, and husband Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, before he set her alight)

Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, flew into a rage, Nednapha tried to flee but Chatchawarn allegedly poured fuel on her then set her alight at their home in Amphoe Chiang Kham, Phayao in Northern Thailand.

‘When the fire was burning I felt like I knew that hell was real. It was the worst pain and terror anybody could ever imagine. ‘I’m like this now forever and I know that hell exists Nednapha said.

Ms Nuankhul, who has now been released from hospital, said: ‘It has scarred me on the outside and in my heart, too. But I have to forgive my husband because we have a child together.

Ms Nuankhul said she forgave her husband, who is awaiting sentencing for the crime. She said she wants to concentrate on caring for her son

‘You can run away from anything but you cannot run away from karma. Nobody knew this would happen but some things we just cannot escape.

‘My husband will be full of sin and he will feel karma one day, too. Now my husband cannot run away from anything. He has been put in prison and he has a son that needs care and a father.’

Officers at the Chiang Kham police station have not told Nednapha when he will be sentenced and for how long.

Her childhood friend Sudarat Khunarup took pictures of Ms Nuankhul to raise money for her medical care for bandages and treatment for the wounds plus skin grafts.

Saying Ms Nuankhul cannot work and her husband cannot support her because he is in prison. Now she needs help with necessities such as water, alcohol ointment for the wounds, cotton fabrics, dressings and other medical supplies.

If anyone wants to help, to transfer money to this family… at the Siam Commercial Bank Account Number 407-518163-1 savings… #Wealth Help to share.

By Fionn Hargreaves

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