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Hailstorm Hammers Northeastern Thailand With Golf Ball Sized Hail

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Hail Storm Thailand

Several regions in northern Thailand reported a summer storm with hail, which caused both worry and excitement due to the extremely big size of the hailstones. Hailstorms with severe winds and hail caused havoc in three sub-districts of Bueng Kan Province in northeastern Thailand.

Locals recorded video clips on social media during the hail storm, revealing that the hailstones were massive, some the size of a child’s fist or a tennis ball. Many people on Facebook commented that they had never seen such enormous hailstones in the previous 40-50 years.

After the hailstorm passed, individuals began collecting the hailstones in containers and snapping pictures to share on social media, indicating a rare occurrence of a hail storm in the area.

Following the occurrence, officials conducted damage assessments in the impacted areas. A total of 1,376 dwellings across 18 communities had been affected. There have been no reports of injuries or fatalities among locals, but agricultural crops will be assessed further.

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In Udon Thani province, a Facebook user titled ‘White Hero’ shared a video of hailstones falling in Nonsa-ard District.

The hailstones fell like white raindrops, making loud thumping noises when they struck the roofs. The majority of the hailstones were the size of bird eggs, but some were as large as chicken eggs, prompting residents to describe the hailstorm as incredibly beautiful.

In Udon Thani Province, several residences and farmland were severely damaged, and officials are still assessing the situation.

In Mukdahan Province, a summer storm with wind and rain brought hail, causing damage to various regions. The heavy storm caused buildings and cattle sheds to lose their roofs due to strong winds.

Hailstorms in Thailand

Hailstorms in Northern Thailand are meteorological occurrences defined by severe thunderstorms that produce hail. These storms happen because of unique atmospheric circumstances that create an ideal environment for hail generation.

These storms occur on a regular and severe basis in northern Thailand, wreaking havoc on the region’s agricultural and infrastructure.

Hailstorms require a number of elements to form. In northern Thailand, the clash of powerful updrafts and downdrafts within thunderstorms causes super cooled water droplets to freeze and form hail.

The creation of hail requires an unstable environment, moisture, and sufficient vertical motion. The mountainous geography of northern Thailand can increase convective activity, contributing to the formation of these powerful storms.

In March 2023, a violent hailstorm hit northern Thailand, particularly Chiang Mai Province.

Heavy rains and high winds accompanied the hailstorm, which lasted approximately 20 minutes. The hail’s ferocity caused damage to numerous properties, including battered homes and vehicles.

The rapid onslaught of hailstones, along with torrential rain, left a path of ruin in its wake. Locals described the terrifying experience of seeing their surroundings buried with hail, producing a bizarre sight of ice landscapes amidst a tropical backdrop.

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