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Wisanusorn School Hosts Holiday Celebration For Local Orphanage



Students at Wisanusorn have been learning about the spirit of giving and the importance of community.


CHIANG RAI – Wisanusorn School will be hosting a holiday celebration entitled “Wisa Wonderland” Friday, December 27th, 2013 from 9:00am-1:00pm. Approximately 100 children from Khaodee Orphanage will be joining the Wisanusorn students, parents and teachers at this event to enjoy a day of activities, games, food and most importantly, friendship.

Throughout December, students at Wisanusorn have been learning about the spirit of giving and the importance of community. Wisanusorn conducted a food, toy and clothing drive, and hundreds of items have been donated for Khaodee. All donated items will be presented to Khaodee at Wisa Wonderland in addition to purchased gifts for each child.

Wisanusorn created a website at the beginning of December for monetary donations from around the world in support of the event. Foreign teachers, local teachers and students have raised over 27,000 baht from local donators and from friends and family abroad. The money has been used to purchase decorations, food, activities, crafts, a DJ for the celebration, and gifts for each child at Khaodee. Wisanusorn parents will be volunteering at Wisa Wonderland, and they are also donating baked goods and snacks for the children.

Wisanusorn School is a Montessori and Bilingual School in Chiang Rai.

Khaodee Orphanage:

Khaodee Orphanage is located 20 miles north of Chiang Rai and has approximately 100 residents. The children range from ages 3-18 and most were born into Northern Thai families and local hill tribes including the Akha Tribe and Mong Tribe. These kids come from families that are too poor to support them or they have been abandoned. Sadly, some of the children have been involved in exploitation including prostitution, drug trafficking, and slavery. Although their stories are heartbreaking, each time we visit the orphanage, we are greeted with warm smiles and open arms. With the help of donations and partnering foundations, Khaodee Orphanage provides their kids with food, shelter, access to education and a family environment.


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