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U.S. House Votes On Long-Awaited $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel

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(CTN News) – Despite bitter objections from party hardliners, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is expected to pass a $95 billion security assistance package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan on Saturday.

Senate Republicans Mitch McConnell and Democratic President Joe Biden have urged embattled House Speaker Mike Johnson to take up the measure more than two months after the Democratic-majority Senate passed a similar bill.

As Ukraine struggles to fight off a two-year Russian invasion, Johnson this week ignored threats by hardliners in his 236-213 majority to push forward the measure that includes $60.84 billion for the country.

As part of this unusual four-bill package, Israel will receive funds, Taiwan will receive security assistance, and allies in the Indo-Pacific will receive sanctions, the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok will be banned, and seized Russian assets could be transferred to Ukraine.

According to a statement released by the White House on Friday, “the world is watching what Congress does.” By passing this legislation, we will demonstrate our strength as a nation at a time when American leadership is needed the most. “The Administration urges both chambers of Congress to expedite the passage of this supplemental funding package.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer assured senators that if the bill passes the House, the Senate will be ready to work over the weekend. The House voted 316-94 to advance the bill to a vote on Friday.

According to Johnson, the legislation isn’t perfect, it’s not what we would write if Republicans controlled Congress, the Senate, and the White House. To take care of these really important obligations, this is the best possible product that we can get under these circumstances.”

Hardline Republicans have voiced opposition to further Ukraine aid, arguing that the U.S. cannot afford it given its $34 trillion national debt. Since his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted by party hardliners, Johnson has repeatedly threatened to be ousted.

On Friday, Representative Bob Good, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, said the bills are a “slide down into an abyss of greater fiscal crisis and America-last policies that reflect Biden, Schumer, and (House Democratic leader Hakeem) Jeffries, and do not reflect the American people.”

Nevertheless, Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, on April 12 voiced support for Johnson and said that Ukraine’s survival was crucial to the United States.

A total of $60.84 billion is provided for Ukraine, including $23 billion to replenish U.S. weapons, supplies, and facilities; $26 billion for Israel, including $9.1 billion for humanitarian needs; and $8.12 billion for the Indo-Pacific region.


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