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Thai Prime Minister Challenged to Boxing Match for Premiership

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challenge, Thailand's Prime Minister Challenged to Boxing Match for Premiership

An Opposition lawmaker in Thailand have been slammed for challenging Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to a boxing match for the premiership. The ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) said Mr Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, leader of the Thai Civilized Parties challenge was criminal.

Mr Sira Jenjaka, chairman of the House committee on law and justice, said yesterday said he was studying to determine whether Mr Mongkolkit’s challenge violated any laws.

He said Mr Mongkolkit may have breached a criminal law for threatening Gen Prayut. Even more, Mr Mongkolkit has posted some content that can be considered as defaming the prime minister, he said.

A probe into whether Mr Mongkolkit breached ethics will also be requested, he said.

“If he was found [to have conducted something] unlawful, he could lose his MP status,” Mr Sira said.

Mr Mongkolkit on Thursday posted a Facebook message that said: “For the sake of a bloodless way out [of the country’s political crisis], I would represent the people to challenge the prime minister to a [boxing match]”.

Bare knuckled boxing challenge

He said if he lost, he would resign as an MP, but Gen Prayut would have to step down as prime minister if he was defeated.

The MP proposed that the boxing match of three rounds at Lumpini Stadium which would be bare-knuckle, and that he would only use his right hand and two legs while Gen Prayut, who is much older, could use both his hands and legs.

Gen Prayut would be given 10 days to accept, Mr Mongkolkit said, adding that if the PM rejected it, he should resign as he would be considered a coward.

Mr Mongkolkit told the Bangkok Post yesterday the country is currently in a mess due to Covid-19 outbreaks and persistent protests, but Gen Prayut ignores the people’s voices.

As a result, he said his kickboxing challenge for the premiership is a solution to maintain peace and order and prevent bloodshed. He said the challenge does not violate ethical codes because it involves a sport.

Chanasak Atthawong, an adviser to Gen Prayut, said Mr Mongkolkit was not fit to serve as an MP.

“It’s like he is thoughtless and insecure,” Mr Chanasak said. “I don’t understand how he became MP — he seems to just be lucky this time.”

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