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29-Year-Old Teacher Stabbed to Death in Classroom

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A 29-year-old teacher was stabbed to death by her estranged husband in her classroom at Suwanvijitwitthaya School in Surin province on Thursday.

The fatal stabbing occurred shortly before 1 pm, police said.

The husband then broke both legs jumping from the second floor of the school building while attempting to flee.

The teacher, Ms. Angkhana Judabud, 29, was found dead inside a classroom. Her husband, Voraphong Chankhana, 26, was taken to hospital with two broken legs.

Police investigators called to the murder scene and said it appeared Mr. Voraphong killed her in a fit of rage after she refused to reconcile with him.

According to a school security guard, the suspect arrived around noon and asked about Angkhana’s working schedule. The man was then taken to her classroom on the second floor, where she was having lunch.

The guard said that two other teachers were eating outside the room.

Shortly afterward someone shouted out, telling him to see what was happening inside the classroom as there were loud screams. As he entered the room, Mr. Voraphong jumped from the second-floor window to the ground below.

Instead of escaping, he broke both his legs.

The guard found the school teacher lying lifeless on the floor in the classroom, bleeding from a stab wound near her left ear. The police were called immediately.

Classes were suspended and a staff meeting was called by the school director.

Three days earlier, Mr. Voraphong allegedly threatened to kill his wife.

The school teacher had found out that her husband was romantically involved with another woman, and this led to frequent arguments. There were two children between them, the source said.

An investigation was ongoing by the police.

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