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27-Year-Old Man Killed for Posting Girlfriend’s Nude Photos on Instagram



27-year-old Man Killed for Posting Girlfriend's Nude Photos on Instagram

A 27-year-old man in India has been killed after allegedly impersonating a woman on Instagram and Facebook using his girlfriend’s naked photos.

The girlfriend, 27, and three men were arrested for the murder in India’s southern city of Bangalore.

The man, a 27-year-old doctor, was unconscious and admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. He later died the next day.

According to The Indian Express, the doctor’s girlfriend, an architect, had been living with him for a year and had recently discovered he was posting nude photos of her on Facebook and Instagram.

The Deputy Police Commissioner for South East Bangalore told local media that the woman became enraged after discovering her naked images on Instagram and confronting her boyfriend.

He allegedly told her that he made fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram and shared private photos “just for fun.”

However, a police investigation revealed that the young doctor was allegedly masquerading as a woman and sharing his girlfriend’s nude photos for money.

27-year-old Man Killed for Posting Girlfriend's Nude Photos on Instagram

The girlfriend told her friends, lured the doctor to one of their homes, assaulted him with a floor mop, then beat him with glass bottles. He was beaten unconscious and was later taken to hospital after his brother called an ambulance.

According to Police Commissioner, the girlfriend called the victim’s elder brother and claimed she walked out of the house to take a phone call, and a fight broke out between her partner and her friends.

He said, “At first, she tried to blame her friends and claimed she was not involved in the attack.”

“However, police learned that she was involved in the crime after repeated interrogation and cross-examination of the accused,” he added.

“We still don’t know what the accused’s intentions were – whether they wanted to assault [the doctor] or kill him,” a police officer told The Indian Express.

The officer added that the police had deleted the doctor’s online photos and the fake Instagram and Facebook profiles he had created.

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