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Police Seize US$12.3 Million in Assets from Gambling Syndicate



Police $12.3 Million in Assets from Gambling Syndicate

The Crime Suppression police of Thailand seized more than US$12.3 million in assets and cash from a major online gambling syndicate. CSD Police coordinated raids in 52 locations in 10 provinces, and over forty suspects were taken into custody.

CSD Pol Col Wiwat Chitsophakul stated that the gang operated three gambling websites with more than 50,000 users.

According to Pol Col Wiwat, the websites offered multiple types of gambling, and users were required to transfer funds to bank accounts associated with the gang.

When money was transferred to these accounts, it was quickly withdrawn and transferred to other accounts to obfuscate the money trail, he said.

That the daily turnover of the gambling websites was approximately US$54,000.00

Police $12.3 Million in Assets from Gambling Syndicate

The property seized by the police included US$187,000.00 in cash, ATM cards, more than two hundred bank books, forty-one cell phones, and other items.

Additionally, Pol Col Wiwat stated that the gang did not have administrators overseeing the websites because they were operated automatically, but they did use public relations techniques to encourage more individuals to gamble.

Assistant secretary-general of the Anti-Money Laundering Office Kamonsit Wongbutnoi stated that the suspects who willingly opened bank accounts under their names used by the gang to conceal the money trail would be blacklisted.

The banks would be notified to prevent them from opening new bank accounts.

Source: Thai PBS

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