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Father Seeks Justice for 8th Grade Daughter Injured in School Punishment



Father Seeks Justice 8th Grade Daughter Injured in School Punishment

A father in northeastern Thailand is seeking justice for his eighth-grade daughter, who is suffering from Rhabdomyolysis was hospitalised as a result of a disciplinary actions imposed by her school teacher.

The account of the girl, only identified as Lalida, from a local school in Selaphum district’s tambon Klang, was initially shared on social media by the popular Facebook Page “Yak Dang Diew Jad Hai (Limelight Generator) Return Part 6.”

The girl’s father, Sermvit Singha, 60, claimed his daughter is still ill because the illness, which involves the breakdown of injured skeletal muscle, has left her unable to move and confined to her room at home.

He claims Lalida’s physical education instructor forced her do 100 squat jumps last Monday as punishment for not bringing a badminton racket to school. The girl suffered a muscle injury during the jumps but did not notify her parents. She took a pain reliever and returned to school the following day.

However, by Thursday, the discomfort had become unbearable. When she eventually told her parents about the injury, they rushed her to the hospital.

Mr. Sermvit also posted a doctor’s diagnosis confirming Rhabdomyolysis and warning of potentially fatal complications that could ensue from renal injury. Doctors recommended that the girl be brought to the hospital and monitored. The daughter, on the other hand, declined and requested to be cared for at home.

After the school girl’s ordeal went viral, the school director and the PE instructor who ordered the punishment paid her a visit and offered to compensate her family in exchange for the removal of the initial post.

The family is anxious that the girl’s illness will worsen, and Mr Sermvit has stated that he would not accept any compensation from the school until Lalida is entirely cured.

According to the parent, the PE teacher frequently chastised other pupils in a similar manner. He chastised the teacher for imposing harsh punishment, which he believes has no place in schools.

Mr. Sermvit stated that the school administration should consider disciplinary measures against the teacher. According to reports, the school director has already penalised the teacher.



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