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Holiday Arrival: Christmas Begins With The Rockefeller Tree



Holiday Arrival: Christmas Begins With The Rockefeller Tree

(CTN NEWS) – An iconic sign of Christmas arrived in New York City on Saturday as a crane hoisted an 82-foot (25-meter) Norway spruce into place at Rockefeller Plaza, atop which a star dripping with crystals will be affixed.

On November 30, the Christmas Rockefeller Tree will be formally lit.

A flatbed truck transported the roughly 90-year-old Rockefeller Tree from Queensbury, New York, to New York City over 200 miles (322 kilometres). The Rockefeller Tree was cut down on Thursday.

According to Neil Lebowitz, whose family donated the Rockefeller Tree, “We gave it with the intention that everyone would appreciate it.”

Lebowitz was described by the New York Post as saying, “For me, it was just a great tree.” It is now a unique tree. It is accessible to everyone worldwide.

The tree, whose lower branches reach 50 feet (15 metres) in diameter, will be illuminated with 50,000 lights of various colours, and its 900-pound (408-kg) star will be covered in 3 million crystals.

According to officials, the Rockefeller Tree will be turned into lumber after the holidays and donated to Habitat for Humanity.


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