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American Samoa Caucus Defeats President Biden By Long-Shot Jason Palmer

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American Samoa Caucus Defeats President Biden By Long-Shot Jason Palmer

(CTN News) – Biden’s bid to sweep the Super Tuesday primaries was undone by an unlikely challenger from abroad. In American Samoa, Palmer edged Biden by just 11 votes, garnering 51 votes to the president’s 40.

In addition to American Samoa, Palmer has campaigned in other Pacific islands.

NPR reported Palmer’s campaign manager, Mario Arias, is on the ballot in the Northern Mariana Islands. Our team is excited about the elections there, which run through March 12.

The surprise victory of Baltimore, Maryland, entrepreneur Palmer does not threaten Biden’s Democratic nomination, but it did draw attention to him.

On his campaign’s website, Palmer notes that the public’s desire for alternatives is hurting Biden’s chances of a second term, but it is not due to his campaign.

In his website, he says, “I know I am a longshot candidate with little chance of winning.” Still, Palmer says he will challenge Biden because he doesn’t want to help former President Donald Trump.

In this election, it’s vital not to allow Trump to return to office for another term, he says.

The win, however, will make Palmer feel good at least for a day.

“Honored to announce my victory in the American Samoa presidential primary,” the candidate wrote on X. “Thank you so much to our incredible community for supporting us.

What did Palmer do to win in American Samoa?

According to the Department of the Interior, American Samoan residents are considered U.S. nationals rather than citizens. A wealthy Democrat, Michael Bloomberg, won his presidential campaign only outright on this small chain of islands.

Palmer did not visit the unincorporated territory between Hawaii and New Zealand, which is home to more than 43,000 people. Rather than appear in person, he introduced himself in Samoan language via Zoom, according to local news site Talanei.

The Democratic Party caucus was held Tuesday in Tafuna, the largest village in American Samoa, according to the Census Bureau. Each of Palmer and Biden receives three delegates.

Talanei reported that Palmer will receive four delegates at the National Democratic Convention, while Biden will receive two, based on the vote count. Palmer and Biden will each receive three delegates, after the party later corrected its delegate count.”

What is Jason Palmer’s background?

A 52-year-old Quaker, Palmer has been a director and executive at an investment firm called New Markets Venture Partners. According to his website, he has worked for Microsoft and Kaplan Education, and was a deputy director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

His campaign says Palmer earned an MBA from Harvard Business School after attending the University of Virginia.

Besides Palmer, fellow Democrat Dean Phillips of Minnesota conceded defeat in the race earlier this week.


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