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Phuket Governor Ask Immigration to Revoke Swiss Mans Visa

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Phuket Governor Ask Immigration to Revoke Swiss Mans Visa

Phuket Provincial authorities have urged immigration officers to withdraw the visa of a Swiss man accused of assaulting a Thai Doctor he believed was trespassing on his land.

On Tuesday, Deputy Governor Sattha Thongkham, who is presently serving as acting governor of the island province, issued an urgent letter to the Phuket immigration director, requesting that he consider revoking Urs Fehr’s visa.

Mr Fehr has gained notoriety because a video surfaced showing him kicking a woman while she and a friend were stargazing on steps near Yamu beach in front of the posh property he rented.

He believed the pair was trespassing, but officials eventually decided the steps were on public land. On Tuesday, they were demolishing.

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Thandao Chandam, 26, a doctor at Dibuk Hospital in Phuket, later filed an assault complaint against Mr Fehr, who disputed the claim. He and his wife publicly apologized for their behavior, yet they continue to face criticism.

According to the letter produced by Mr Sattha and his colleagues, provincial authorities judged that the Swiss man posed a threat to society or could cause harm to public peace and order based on his actions.

On Tuesday, the deputy governor presided over a subcommittee meeting convened to investigate the behavior of foreign people living on the popular tourist island.

Mr Sattha stated that officials had gathered information to send to the Phuket immigration office in order to revoke Mr Fehr’s visa, which is due to expire on March 13.

However, he may be granted an extension to stay in the country until his court case is resolved, after which Immigration would assess his visa status again, according to Adul Chuthong, another Phuket deputy governor.

Mr Sattha stated that authorities had urged Phuket police to expedite their investigations into the assault case and another weapons legislation violation allegedly involving the Swiss guy.

Authorities are also investigating Mr Fehr’s commercial activities, which include an elephant sanctuary that he runs. Inspectors from the provincial livestock office have already checked on the 15 elephants and confirmed that all necessary paperwork is in place.

Mr Sattha stated that his committee would have another meeting on Thursday to check on the status of the issue.

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