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Top 5 Simple Ways to Bolster Your Fertility in Thailand



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The process of making a baby can be a stressful journey as well as smooth to some. There are always mixed feelings of anxiety that causes frequent down times. It is a journey that requires patience and keenness. You need to adhere to guidelines that are safe and healthy strictly. Do not let yourself be frustrated, and yet there some simple ways to bolster your fertility in Thailand. Below are some tips to consider to boost fertility to help the ovulation process.

  • Intake More Minerals and Vitamins to boost fertility

Your intake of minerals and vitamins need to be boosted since they are vital for fertility and the ovulation process. For instance, iron helps in egg formation while vitamin B12 aids in having regular ovulation period. One may seek a physician’s advice on supplements they can use to buy Clomid to boost the whole process of ovulation and, hence, increase fertility levels.

  • Train to Soothe Stress

You may experience anxiety due to the excitement that you are to get pregnant. The adjustment process may cause you to fall into deep thoughts. You, therefore, need to keep tabs on any form of stress from building up. Research shows that if you suffer from stress, there are high chances for the menstrual cycle to be irregular.

Equally, men aren’t spared either if they suffer from stress. A stressed man will experience reduced sexual desire and sperm count. Ways to deal with stress are such as meditation, yoga, massage, among other options since it is impossible to eliminate stress from our lives.

  • Don’t Smoke

Smoking makes it hard for women to conceive, and the worst-case increased chances of lower fertility rate. Men sperm count reduces when they smoke any form of the drug. The damages may escalate to a child born with deformities.

  • Manage Your Body Weight to help ovulation process

When you are overweight or underweight, your fertility is greatly affected and is caused by having your fat levels being below or above the required levels. It causes the hormones responsible for ovulation to be thrown off. Also, there is increased chances of insulin resistance, which disrupts the ovulation process.

Equally, in men, when you are obese, there is an increased chance of having low testosterone levels and low sperm quality. You are advised to talk over the issue with your physician to guide you on the right way to solve it. Possible solutions may include works outs and gym sessions. You will be able to lose tones of weight if obese to keep fit. In the long run, there is increased chances of fertility and hence conception.

  • Quit Drinking Alcohol

Too much alcohol causes increased estrogen levels in the body and reduced sperm count among men. It implies your fertility and sex drive are greatly affected. For women, teetotalling is encouraged since the intake of alcohol affects baby formation, and babies end up being slow learners.

By strict adherence to the above guide, you need to become more romantic to boost the sex drive. Without hesitation, you need to seek advice from the physician on the right supplements to use, such as Clomid, and use to boost fertility. While in Thailand, you can visit various stores to buy Clomid and have it easy in your conceiving journey.

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